October 2nd Ryan and Ashlee – St. Louis, MO“We were able to talk about things we hadn't thought of before.

Overall I think that the course was a good tool that allowed up to truly dive deep into the Church's teachings and apply them to our own relationship. I would recommend this course to others.
Her: I think that the course helped spark conversations between the two of us that would have not come up without it. We were able to learn much about ourselves and one another and I think our relationship is better because of the work done in this course.
Both: We were open with each other in a safe and familiar environment. We talked about personal matters and feelings that will benefit us in the future!

October 3rdSteven and ReBecca – Allentown, PA “It exceeded my expectations.”

Him:It was interesting and informative.  I learned things that I never saw in the way that they were explained. I didn't think it was going to be as interesting and informative as it actually was.
Her: I really enjoyed the course.  I believe it should be required by all marrying couples.  It gives you an in site on things that you do not encounter in everyday life and helps you to look at things in the other persons point of view.  I really enjoyed learning about contraception and NFP.  In school we were not taught the things discussed in this course and I believe if we were explained the true meaning of why sex should be saved for marriage and is so sacred that more people would at least try to save themselves and not be so open to contraception and sex.
Both: It help us to understand that we are not judging each other as we are becoming one with marriage and allows us to better communicate as it is easier to talk and express ourselves if we know we aren't being judged.

October 4th Luis and Laura – Sacramento, CA “”

Him: It definitely made me look at things in a good and different way. [It] Opened my eyes to ideas of marriage and God that I had yet to consider. 
Her:My overall impression was that it was wonderfully organized to educate and evoke important discussions between us as a couple. I loved the course, am saving all of our answer keys and plan to go over them in greater detail during our first months of marriage. 
Both:It helped us improve by discussing how to listen and communicate intentionally. Reminding us to keep God first in our marriage helps with respect and open communication.

October 5th Chris and Cat – Gaylord, MI “It completely revived my faith.”

Him: Eye opening, heart opening, this was very powerful for me, encouraging me to dig deep and look within at all parts of myself that have defined me up to this point in my life.  I absolutely feel better prepared as Cat and I have had very honest conversations about the present, the past, and the future.
Her:I was very moved by this course. It taught us things about each other and about ourselves. It opened my mind and my heart and I think this course is so important for couples to go through when preparing to marry. I think people can over romanticize the wedding and not realize a marriage comes after it and this course teaches you how to prepare for that.
Both:We have had many emotional conversations with each other in this time, looking at hidden elements of ourselves that need to be looked at.  And as we honestly face them together, we have grown closer, our love has deepened!

October 6th Yovan and Kassidy – Sioux City, IA “I thought it was well-thought out and extensive.”

Him:I really liked the way that resources were set up in each assignment and even in the answer keys to further understand topics and for counseling help if needed.
Her: Absolutely [meet my expectations], some assignments seemed long, but I really liked getting the answer key and seeing what the intended response was supposed to be and how we can practice our marriage to be better bonded together. 
Both: We had to talk to each other about what our intended answers were and come up with an answer together that we both thought was right and made sense. We also learned more about each other because of the way we answered some questions.