March 27th David and Holly- Providence,RI “We got to know each other better throughout this course”
Him: I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I think it is beneficial to all couples that are engaged to be married. I appreciated the teachings from the Bible, as well as the tools provided that allowed us to look at our relationship in a different way.
Her: It was a meaningful experience to share with Dave. We are both very busy with our jobs and tend to get wrapped up in that and so it was nice to be able to set aside time to do this together. I appreciated Dave's honesty in answering the questions and all the different topics that this course covered.
Both: It gave us the opportunity to use this time spent on the course as a kind of safe space to share with each other our real feelings and thoughts on a variety of real life issues/topics. It also allowed us to feel more comfortable talking about things that can sometimes be tough to discuss.

March 28th David and Simone- Grand Rapids, MI “the course was both rich with doctrine and theology and also seemed accessible to couples who don't come from the same background as I do.”
Him: I found this prep course was very helpful and fun to complete, especially in improving our communication and increasing my understanding of the sacramental nature of expectations.
Her: I was very impressed with this course! Almost all of the lessons were very helpful and fostered really healthy and fruitful conversation between David and myself! The lessons were practical enough that I could see their immediate ramifications on our (future) marriage and at the same time they were full of the theology and beauty found in the sacrament of marriage!
Both: The course has given us a good basis for talking about sexual intimacy, money, and other difficult topics that we didn't discuss too deeply while dating. It's helped better us understand the importance of communicating intentionally as well.

March 29th Andrew and Rebekah- Philadelphia, PA “It helped put a more God centered focus on marriage and what it means to us and our faith going forward.”
Him: The feedback went in depth and was more personalized than I expected. That was great. We were able to go through the answer keys together and have some good conversations. We were able to talk about various topics in more depth than we had previously.
Her: We got a lot more feedback and faster response times than I expected.  I feel like we also were able to personalize a lot of it on our own time since we were not in a large classroom setting. This course confirmed we are on the right path in our marriage and helped serve as a reminder to have a God centered marriage.
Both: Served as prompts for us to discuss. We had talked about a lot of these topics in the past but it was good to talk through them again with some added resources.

March 30th James and Amanda- Chicago, IL “We were able to bond and connect over our answers, as well as see and embrace each other's differences”
Him: It enlightened me about the importance of prayer and how having a strong spiritual bond with my soon to be wife is just as important as any other part of our relationship.
Her: It opened up our relationship to take on a more spiritual side.  We were able to bond and connect over our answers, as well as see and embrace each other's differences.  It also gave us ideas in how to keep our faith as a priority in our current and future lives.
Both: We really enjoyed the active listening assignment.  It gave us a new approach when having any type of confrontation. This has been a wonderful experience for us.

March 31st David and Natalia- Fort Worth, TX “It's good to know how the Church feels and why.”
Him: I like how the Church had a stance on everything and backed it up. It's good to know how the church feels and why!
Her: Really great, I liked the flexibility and the personal answers from [our instructors] . I also liked talking to my future husband about faith and marriage expectations. We were excited to read our answer keys and start the next lesson.
Both:It gave us a place to start some serious conversations and from there we were able to open up more about faith and marriage. Also the I-Messages component was super helpful to understanding how we currently communicate and how we can improve.