Gave me a renewed purpose on my journey in life

September 10th Kyle and Keara- Tulsa, OK “I found it intriguing and educational”
Him: It [the course] just gave me a renewed purpose on my journey in life.
Her: I love how it was interactive (i.e. here is the lesson, review it, and now here is your task going forward)
Both: The quality and depth of the content was very rewarding.

September 11th Darren and Paola-St. Augustine, FL  "It explained to us the importance of the Sacrament of Matrimony and what the Church can do to cultivate our love for each other.”
Him: Having this Pre-Cana really helped us a lot to become closer to God and to each other. We received a lot of helpful tips to better our relationship.
Her: I really enjoyed this activity. I truly believe that this will help nourish our relationship and understanding of the importance of the sacrament of Matrimony.
BothWe were able to understand each other more and we were able to open our hearts with one another. We realized that even if we are different, our differences are the things that make us good together as we are able to compensate for each other's weaknesses.

September 12th Joshua and Mariana-San Antonio, TX  It made me consider aspects of my religion that I had not considered before.”
Him:I lluminating. I learned a lot of things that I didn't necessarily know or just had never given them too much thought.
Her: It made me want to pursue a greater relationship with God and the church, not only in my personal life, but in my relationship and future marriage as well.
Both: We loved the discussions that some of the questions brought. It was things that maybe we hadn’t thought about before, or just hadn't discussed at length before.

September 13th Jared and Amanda-Detroit, MI “I enjoyed that fact that it helped me pursue deeper thoughts into my faith and challenged me as Catholic to open my mind and really look into the questions.”
Him: I thought this course has helped us come together and learn new things about each other. We have enjoyed being able to discuss new topics and learn more about our prayer life together.
Her: I appreciated getting the time to sit down with my fiancé and discuss things that we have never really sat down and talked about. It challenges both of us and makes both of us more comfortable and wanting to pursue our faith together.
Both: We believe it improved our communication by making us discuss hard topics and what we each think as well as putting our thoughts together. Communication is such an important factor in a relationship. During tough times communication on each other’s feelings is key.

September 14th Ryan and Mallory-Milwaukee, WI I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful!”
Him: It really helped me to understand how to continue to have Jesus in my life and how to integrate my faith into my own family as we begin the journey of creating it with the sacrament of marriage.
Her: I appreciated the conversations that it started. Some of them were things that we had talked about, and some things we didn't. It was very informative, and helped us to discuss our feelings and thoughts on some touchy subjects without being confrontational or emotional.
Both: [The] knowledge of the Bible and the teachings of the Church really helped add value and understanding to our relationship, and it was refreshing to hear some insight from a former military couple as well!

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