January 16th Mark and Katherine- New Orleans,LA “This course reminded me of the importance to have a strong spiritual foundation in your family and relationship”
Him: This was very beneficial and I felt like it was great for us both to be able and sit down and talk through. I appreciated all of the scripture verses that we read. I loved being able to highlight some of those in my bible as we went through the course and they will be great to go back to.
Her: I really enjoyed this course. I think it definitely helped prepare us for marriage and I am happy that we were able to talk through everything and actually look at some real life scenarios.
Both: We are big talkers and like to comment with each other, but this course was great to discuss some issues intently (like NFP) that we had never talked about before.

January 17th  Thien and Thoaichau- Fort Worth, TX  "Made me realize how much life and work have gotten in the way of my closeness to God”
Him: It has made me realize how much life and work has gotten in the way of my closeness to God. Relearning a lot of his teachings has made me yearn for the steadfast faith I had as a child. I hope to rekindle that relationship with Him.
Her: The course went into the topics a lot deeper than what I had expected. The variety of topics makes the course very helpful and brought us closer together as a couple now that we understand our mission in the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Both: It has allowed us to really clear the air on what our expectations are and where we are on our individual faith journey. It's good to be on the same page about certain things. However, we have found out that we don't share the same opinion on everything, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means we will have to work harder to communicate better.

January 18th Jimmy and Jonilee- San Francisco, CA “This course was very informative and gave great advice and guidance.”
Him:This preparation was a great way to spend time together in a very different way.  We were able to learn new things, discuss and problem solve. It revived my faith.  Doing this course, I learned many new things I never thought of or knew about marriage.  A good way to look forward into our future becoming one.
Her: What I appreciated most is the closeness I feel with Jimmy and God because I already thought we were close, but this brought us even closer.
Both: We've always been practicing and finding ways to improve our communication, but talking about the teachings of the Church helped us involve God in our communication and decisions in life.

January 19th Adrian and Juanamaria- Sacramento, CA “It taught me a lot of things that I hadn't considered before.
Him: This was awesome. I like that we both had to work together to formulate answers. Most importantly, [our instructors] had the best feedback. The detail they put in every question and every response. You can tell they love what they do, plus they’re really good at it.
Her: I loved it! I can't believe they responded with so much depth to each answer. I think that they have a lot of experience and faith in God.
Both: We can be open about our concerns and can rely and trust in God's plan.We will always look back to your advice when we are lost.

January 20th Cody and Kristina- Sioux City, IA “It brought me back to many of the truths of the Catholic Church and made me more aware of how to live my life as God wants.”
Him: It had a lot of good information and gives a couple a good grasp on what it takes to have a lasting relationship. I appreciated the in-depth answers that were given on the answer key and the real-life situations you two talked about to relate to the questions that were asked.
Her: It was well-rounded in its teachings about the Catholic Church and how the Catholic Church wants you to live your marriage.
Both: We talked about certain things more in depth that we hadn't before. We learned tools on how to better communicate. We will hopefully use these tools throughout the rest of our marriage (lives).