February 6th Miguel and Serena- San Angelo,TX “It revived and strengthened my faith in God and His Church.”
Him: It helped me to truly understand just how to keep God at the center of our marriage.It helped me by reinforcing what Christ and his church have shown us through scripture.
Her: It was convenient for me to take the class online instead of committing to a weekend in San Angelo due to my work schedule. I thought the course was informative and allowed us to talk about and share our thoughts and opinions about marriage.
Both: Helped us to communicate our beliefs in ways we had yet to do.

February 7th Stewart and Brittany- Oakland, CA“This exceeded my expectations for what an online pre-marital class would be.”
Him: I thought it posed some questions that we wouldn't normally discuss with each other and helped us understand each other on a deeper level.
Her: I really appreciated the feedback - if there was something we misunderstood, it was clarified and links were given to further understand the question/answer and reasoning behind it. I really enjoyed the lesson about forgiveness as it's a core foundation of any relationship.
Both: We were just asked to address some tough questions and others that we have never brought up/talked about before. There were a lot of lessons that just provided a foundation for the marriage to begin and continue. These were helpful in getting us to discuss what we expected out of marriage and how we would make it work in the most difficult times.

February 8th Kyle and Tricia- Lansing, MI “The lessons provided a necessary refresher of the Church's teachings and how they impact our daily lives, especially in a marriage.”
Him: I thought it was worthwhile and made me take a deeper look into my faith life and how to put it into practice for my upcoming marriage.  I thought it was useful to consider some of the meanings behind the Church's teachings that will help to strengthen my marriage.
Her: There were a lot of in depth questions that generated good discussion and helped us to learn more about one another.I appreciated the one on one time we took to grow together in our faith in an otherwise busy time of wedding planning. The wedding is one day, and the marriage is much more important!
Both: The course gave us an opportunity to look at scripture more in depth and have discussions about meaning.

February 9th Estil and Karena- Jamaica, NY “It re-educated and nourished my faith, a lot of the concepts I remember learning when I was in Sunday school and also singing about in hymns.
Him: I enjoyed it was something we had to make time to do and it would force to sit down and work on together. I enjoyed it, It helped to talk about the topics that came up in the assignments.
Her: I appreciated that it made us take the time out of our day to have these discussions with one another and work on our responses to the questions. It's easy to talk about everyday mundane things but when you have to dig deep down to your core and your soul and get back to the basics, it changes up the routine and also increases the communication and level of understanding between you and your partner. I also appreciated that it also helped us to remember why we're entering into marriage and what it spiritually symbolizes.
Both: The Pre-Cana assignments were something we had to schedule time for, especially since we are living apart right now and busy either with work, training, personal life, and wedding planning. We would work on these assignments at night after most of our day was done and it was nice to unwind with spiritual nourishment and discussions about our own beliefs and our future in married life.

February 10th Robert and Jamie- Nortwich, CT “I appreciated having a chance to talk through (and past) the assignments with Matt.
Him: I enjoyed it. It asked some questions we hadn't really discussed in depth, which was enjoyable.I appreciated some of the detailed questions that lead to more in depth conversations. I also liked the questions where we had to answer together. I liked the Forgiveness lesson the most.
Her: I appreciated having a chance to talk through (and past) the assignments with Matt. I think what I appreciated most, however, was the feedback on the answer keys. I learned more from those than I expected to. I also appreciated how open [our instructors] were about things in their marriage that made it feel like this course is realistic and down to earth. I also learned more about the Catholic faith that I hadn't learned yet.”
Both: We consider ourselves to be pretty good at communicating. We struggle at times, but for the most part we communicate clearly and often. We do feel that this course really helped open up the aperture on some topics (NFP, forgiveness, Marriage as an Institution, etc.)