November 20th Michael and Jennifer – Fort Worth, TX“It was great! It helped me become so much closer to [my partner].”

Him: It made me come back to and think about so many of God's teachings. In doing so I again saw the beauty of the church and its purpose. It inspires me continually to get involved and practice my faith.
Her: I thought that the preparation was wonderful. It was a great experience to participate in the preparation with an actual couple who have so much experience. The answers provided were detailed, and informative. We learned so much about each other and grew in our spirituality through this course. I truly feel like we are ready for marriage after taking this course.
Both: We were taught so many tools and given so many resources to help with our communication. The questions in the lessons helped us to practice those methods, and we have been using them in our communications regularly. One particular tool we have found useful is how to rephrase grievances we have in a neutral way through "I messages" rather than assigning blame.

November 21th Austin and Charyssa – Tucson, AZ “It provided me with not only a better but a clearer understanding of the teachings of the Church”

Him: I personally loved it. This course provided a better and more thorough explanation to why the Church promotes certain practices such as NFP, abstinence before marriage, and even providing examples of how to better communicate and resolve issues.
Her: I thought this course was very interesting, I do not have a lot of experience with some of the practices and traditions of the Catholic Church but this course provided a lot of insight and at some points provided a guide to help build and foster a healthy marriage.
Both:This course not only provided examples and solutions for ways to better communicate on certain issues such as the growing family dynamic, finances, as well as the importance of daily prayer; but also clarified and brought to light a few other issues we had not thought of yet such as: NFP, issues that may arise with ---, but mainly how to properly listen and respect your spouse in regards to their feelings with those practice questions provided in the last assignment about listening (which I think we may need to look over again.

November 22th Kaylon and Bhrea – Lafayette, LA “This definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God and his Church.”

Him: This class was amazing! I feel so much closer to God than before. I definitely realized I was living my life the wrong way and this is the catalyst to start living it the right way.I was thinking this was going to be something typical, but it was much more.
Her: This class was very informative. I was able to learn a lot more about the Catholic faith and the Sacrament of Marriage. I gained a better understanding of the relationship that God wants us to have as well as how we should live our lives. This course went above and beyond my expectations. I am so grateful for [our instructor’s]. They shared things about their relationship that they did not have to. The comments were always positive and specific to each question.
Both: It taught us to listen to each other more.

November 23th Marius and Lea – Atlanta, GA “Made me reflect more on our relationship”

Him: It's a learning experience. As long as we live we will constantly learn. I must say this course is good even for couples married years ago, that want to bring that spark of love, harmony back in their marriage.
Her: It was a great experience. This course opened my eyes on subject that I knew already but did not pay too much attention to.
Both: For a while now we learned to communicate and listen to each other a little better but this course definitely gave us some more great insights on how to improve our communication skills.

November 24th Bradley and Krissy – Savannah, GA “It was actually much more thorough than I thought”

Him: My overall impression of the course was that it was very thorough.It taught me a lot about the Catholic faith, especially as someone learning from the outside. In some ways this potentially helped me find small ways to practice my faith on my own, although it was not always something I connected to.
Her: I believe the course ignited my desire to get closer to God because I feel as if there is still so much I have to learn. I was raised Catholic and still learned many of the topics. 
Both: All of the topics given in the course, we have already discussed. While answering the assignments though, the questions would spark some differences and lead to a discussion allowing us to revisit the topics and share our feelings on issues.