December 2nd Josh and Leonela – New Orleans, LA
“The course made us work as a team.”

Him:  I liked how the course made us work together and the discussions it lead to, helping to make our relationship stronger, and we got to discuss some things about life that we had not talked about.

Her: Reading the Bible and it's passages on marriage made me appreciate how special it is and how has been preparing us to serve God.

Both We loved how it brought us closer, reading the passages together, talking about the teaching points together and how we could grow as a couple or how we could solve future problems together really made us closer.


December 3rd Paul and MaryGrace – Kansas City, KS  
“I feel lucky to have gone through this course.”

Him: I appreciated the depth and the level of detail. It made us talk about things we hadn’t even thought about.

Her: I think this prep program went to a depth that we weren't expecting but totally appreciated. It taught us how to understand the sacrament and what to expect of marriage. Just all around really great and we have already recommended it

Both: I appreciated the formation- both of us are always seeking to know the best way to think about things. This program offered so much to us in that regard.


December 4th Daniel and Annie – Yakima, WA
“It gave me a deeper understanding of marriage by reading the bible.”

Him: I appreciated the helpful feedback from our instructors because they explained the questions and answers to our assignments in a more insightful manner.

Her: This class was very insightful and had us look at all areas of life that we will face together in our marriage, and ways we can build a strong foundation to deal with these challenges and enjoy the good times.

Both: We really enjoyed this course and all the insights we received and reading the answer keys!


December 5th James and Elisabeth – Milwaukee, WI
“I learned about how to strengthen out future marriage.”

Him: Because of this course I learned a lot about myself and how to live a healthy marriage.

Her: I appreciated all the different videos because it explained the teaching in more depth.

Both: It improved our communication because it gave us advice on some ways to communicate that we hadn't completely thought of before.


December 6th Jorge and Justina – San Angelo, TX
“The course helped me understand more about marriage and God.”

Him:   I loved the fact that we had to think for ourselves and actually do activities with each other, not only to make our marriage better but to get us closer to God.

Her: I appreciated the feedback that our instructors would give us. 

Both: It also reminded us that our marriage is nothing without God. And how our number one goal is to help get each other to Heaven.