May 30th John and Mary- Denver, CO  "an excellent resource to challenge us as a couple”
Him: We REALLY loved this course. It was a great opportunity to reflect, discuss, and pray about various important items.
Her: This course was an excellent resource to both challenge us as a couple as well as help strengthen our similar beliefs. 
Both: Great course! Thank you for all of the support, guidance, and thoughtful responses.

May 31st Arka and Andrea Rose- Maryland  “opened my eyes to a lot of things I would have never thought of”
Him: I was pretty impressed with the whole course and it opened my eyes to a lot of things I would have never thought of when it came to marriage. It was good to see how everything in the end connects to God and God's role in our future lives together.
Her: It was great....It got us thinking about what marriage actually means, and God's role in our lives/relationships.
BothIt improved our communication as a couple because it made us talk about topics we normally would not have, especially since we come from different backgrounds/religions. We feel we are a stronger couple now because of these “open” conversations that were driven from this course.

June 1st Matthew and Erin- Chanhassen, MN “this course helped solidify my young faith”
Him: Very informative and helpful. It brought up tough questions that were essential to our future marriage. My faith has had its ups and downs and this course reassured me that through God our marriage will succeed.
Her: I learned a lot from this marriage prep. I think that our relationship has been strengthened immensely.  I have been converting to Catholicism over the last year and this course helped solidify my young faith.
Both: It forced us to talk about subjects that may not come up until a fight. This allowed us to figure out a bunch of potential problems before we have them, in a calm manner. Everything was fantastic!

June 2nd Daniel and Jillian- West Hartford, CT  “It allowed me to educate Dan on Catholicism
Him: I am not Catholic, but I thought it brought up good topics for us to discuss in order to prepare for our marriage and be able to discuss those things that can get difficult. Now we know what our communication styles are. It made me realize how important faith is to Jill as well as how it should be incorporated in our marriage and when we raise our kids.
Her: I thought this was a very beneficial marriage prep class! The topics linked with bible verses were a nice way to get us to read the Bible together, dive into God's word, and learn how to create a relationship with Him. It allowed me to educate Dan on Catholicism and how our individual and joint relationships with God can enrich our marriage and allow us to grow stronger together with a common foundation in faith.
Both: We created a form of communication that will work for us and allow for the most efficient and calm way to discuss the tough topics. 

June 3rd Michael and Carina- Boulder, CO   “I never felt any judgement for our/my answers.
Him: It was very thought-provoking and well-balanced not spending too much time on one topic but constantly showing the connections among all topics discussed and their importance to making a lasting marriage. I feel like this was a great guide to remind me of why I choose to be Catholic!
Her: I really enjoyed this prep! I especially felt a connection to our instructors who provided tons of insight. It really gave the class a personal touch! I appreciated how personalized the course was. I never felt any judgment for our/my answers.
Both: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This was a wonderful experience and we feel very blessed to have gone through this process with such great teaching tools and instructors!