May 1st Kevin and Emilia- Paterson,NJ “I appreciated the broad scope of issues covered”

Him: I was glad to connect with Emilia on a lot of these issues now that we are engaged. It makes me realize that marriage is always a work in progress, and requires two committed individuals to be successful. I feel sure of the commitment we’re about to make.
Her: The course renewed my desire to get closer to God. When I don’t make my faith a priority, I become lonely. I forget how comforting it is to speak to God through prayers. This course reminded me of all the positive things that come with getting closer to God- it’s truly win-win!
Both: The process of this course improved our communication because it allowed us to think of certain issues through examples that didn’t necessarily pertain to us. It was helpful to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and think about the issue, and then think about how it could apply to our lives.

May 2nd Anthony and Corrine- Baton Rouge, LA “It also deepened my desire to put God at the center of our marriage!”

Him: This prep course was a great overview of many important aspects of marriage in accordance with the Catholic Church. It was very helpful for me as it guided me through many details that I have not yet been prepared, or even thought about in our relationship. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
Her: It was very informative and we had to be very involved, which was nice!! It covered what we needed in order to properly prepare for a marriage in the Catholic Church putting God first.
Both: It definitely improved our communication. It taught us work together, be patient, and work to help the other express what's in the other's he heart! Yes. This course brought up some questions, and answers, that really had us in deep conversation. We learned some new things about each other, we disagreed, and we talked through so many new and different things. At the end of the day, we were always on the same page with big topics and treatment of one another. We thank God for blessing us with each other!

May 3rd Dante and Nyssa – Denver, CO “It presented God's teachings as they applied to marriage in a cohesive way.”

Him: I thought it was great!  It generated some very good discussion and felt all the concepts were ideas I've heard in Church and CCD, but the course connected them in ways I hadn't really considered. The cohesion that I keep bringing up makes it clearer to me that He has a plan.  Everything just connects together.
Her: I enjoyed it.  We learned a bit about our strengths as a couple and where we need work as we went through the exercises. I found the feedback from the real-life examples in videos pretty eye opening.  I was aware of a lot of the scientific reasons behind NFP as a nurse, for instance, but not all the marriage benefits.
Both: We had to communicate about the most important topics to us.  We've done these conversations already, but with all of the planning swirl that goes into a wedding we hadn't really stepped back to talk about some of these things lately.  That was a big help.

May 4th John and Emily- Military Diocese “I appreciated the real life applications to issues that could come up in our marriage”

Him: I really enjoyed going through the course. It taught me a lot about marriage that I never knew and discovered that it is a much more important and deep sacrament in the Church. I always though marriage was incredibly important of course but I did not realize the whole importance of it in the Catholic faith.
Her: It did meet my expectations. I was not sure what to expect but the course taught me a great deal and showed me how John and I can make our marriage everything we want it to be.
Both: It made us open up with each other on topics that can be difficult to discuss at times, such as sex and conflict with each other. When you can completely open up to one another on these difficult topics it brings you closer together as a couple.

May 5th Giordan and Bianca- Sacramento, CA “This course definitely revived my desire to get closer to God and His Church.”

Him: I felt that it was very enlightening.  I learned a lot about my relationship with God, how to be a good husband and father, and how to raise my family. I appreciated the background information on NFP.  I felt that it was a really important thing to learn about and prepare us for building our family.
Her: This course was more than I thought it would be. I didn't realize how much I didn't know before taking this course.  I learned a lot about God, Christ and marriage.  It was very insightful and it really got me thinking in a way I don't typically do. I appreciated the feedback the most.  It was nice to know that someone was reading my answers and taking it to heart.  It made me feel very at ease and eager to get the answer keys back to see the instructor’s feedback.
Both: This course opened up different lines of communication for the both of us.  We became more understanding or each other, and the sacrament we are about to commit to.  It got us talking about things we didn’t think to talk about before.