February 18th Zack and Lisa – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
“I liked working through the assignments together. I’m happy I got to go through the course.”

Him:  I think this was a really good course to take before our marriage. It asked some questions we hadn't before and made for some really good discussions.

Her: I like working through this course with Zack. We learned more about each other and I feel like it was a good thing to do before our upcoming wedding.

BothJust having a designated time and place to sit down and communicate with each other has been nice.

February 19th Willie and Alexis – Lafayette, LA
“I appreciated the in-depth honesty in the feedbacks.”

Him:It was extremely helpful because it allowed the two of us to learn more about each other with instructors at hand willing to give us feedback on our solutions to problems. 

Her The course met my expectations because it went beyond the "comfortable questions" and asked things that many people are afraid to discuss with young couples. 

Both: It allowed us to voice our thoughts without the other person interrupting or getting upset. 

February 20th John and Sonia – Norwich, CT  
“I appreciated all the guidance the questions gave us in communicating effectively.”

HimThe assignments gave me an opportunity to look back at the foundation of my Catholic faith and areas where I can be a better Catholic. 

HerI felt that this prep was very helpful in that it gave us relationship tools we will need to use throughout our marriage and it also helped us discuss different topics that we wouldn't have talked about before this prep. 

Both The course was great in creating an environment where we had to talk about our future goals and expectations as a couple.

February 21st Antonio and Delia – los Angeles, CA
“I feel renewed to get back into the Word for my personal growth.”

Him:I appreciated the explanation of the problems with birth control and the question of overpopulation from a Catholic point of view.  

Her  I think it did bond us, we learned more about one another; we learned more about theological insight and our perspective changed.

BothThe course helped open a line of communication in areas that have been difficult for us as a couple. 


February 22nd Tucker and Sharon – Pensacola FL
“It’s been such a wonderful experience and I really think the course will help guide us to a successful marriage.” 

Him: I wasn't expecting it to be so powerful and informative. I really appreciated everything this course, and (our instructors) provided.

Her: It was so great learning and discussing things together, and (our instructors) answers and guidance along the way really helped make it amazing. 

BothGetting to talk about our relationship and faith life as a couple really brought us closer together.