March 18th Kyle and Clare – Detroit, MI
“The course was incredibly informative and interesting.”

Him:This class did an excellent job of sharing the information and advice needed to have a good Catholic marriage and continue keeping it holy.

Her: The class was very educational and I felt that I could ask express my opinion and not be scrutinized/judged.

BothThe fact that so many topics were covered and that any differing opinions were not judged, was surprising and pleasant.

March 19th Cody and Becka – Kansas City, KS
“This course helped bring us closer to God as a couple.”

Him:This course was a great learning experience for us, on how a marriage should be, spiritually. It helped us grow closer, and learn together.

Her I found the videos and links with the assignments very helpful. The responses from our instructors were most helpful and appreciated because it made the course more personal.

Both: Once we started this course we decided that we should start praying together and that really brought us closer to God and each other as couple.

March 20th Sean and Erin – Kennebunk, ME 
“The course made Sean and I think deeply about our answers. We were able to learn much more about each other.”

Him I thought this prep was perfect. The lessons were pertinent and to the point, and the course itself was very interesting. 

Her: I enjoyed the course. The questions were pointed and dove deep into the topics. I also enjoyed a lot of the links because it added outside context to the topics.

Both Some of the "touchy" topics forced us to dive deeper into our beliefs and communicate those beliefs with each other.

March 21st Jason and Alexandra – Ft. Worth, TX
“The course gave me confidence that we can have a successful marriage.”

Him:Even though I am Jewish, I found this course very valuable as it brings up key topics all couples should be discussing prior to marriage.

HerI appreciated the thoroughness of the content and that it was not just focused on "Catholic" aspects but on general life topics too.

BothThe course allowed us to think more deeply about topics that do not come up often.

March 22nd Zachary and Kelly – Venice, FL
“The course allowed us to speak more openly about each of our faiths.”

Him: I believe this was a phenomenal course. The quizzes were the most important part to me, really allowed us to grow closer to each other.

Her: Although the course took some time, it highlighted all the right aspects of marriage faith and religion.

BothThis program was a good reminder of the true meaning of marriage.