December 4th Ben and Megan – Colorado Springs, CO“It taught me to pay closer attention to the scriptures and live more in accordance with them.”

Him:I think it gave a good understanding of what it means to receive the sacrament of marriage in the church and what is expected from both the husband and wife. It showed me that I have an obligation to Megan not only on this planet but forever and that if I want to make it to heaven then I need to make sure I do everything that I can to get Megan to heaven first.
Her: I liked the quizzes where we had to write our own answers and then discuss them with one another because it forced us to talk about things that are generally hard to talk about.
Both: We think it improved our communication because we made an effort to these lessons and as a result had to talk about things we have not talked about in the past.

December 5th Timothy and Jaime – Kansas City, KS “I appreciated the practical teachings of the church regarding marriage that I had never been exposed to.”

Him:We found it to be very thorough and it provoked discussion that we would not have otherwise had.
Her: I enjoyed it very much. It required us to do some research to continue the discussion and answer appropriately. I didn't think it would be as in depth and thorough as it was.  It made me realize how serious marriage is (as a sacrament and commitment) and in many ways, I would say that it strengthened our relationship.
Both:We are working on becoming better active listeners and learning how to give apology and seek forgiveness sooner in arguments.

December 6th Alexander and Kelly – Baltimore, MD “It caused me to think more about my faith and what I hope to get out of my marriage on a more deeper level.”

Him:Appreciated the feedback of a married couple on such important matters. Exceeded expectations, wasn't what I thought it was going to be. It was great. Very informative. The advisors were helpful in their feedback.
Her:I had different expectations than what this was going to be. I was happily surprised. It provided good information that caused us to communicate. I appreciated the feedback and found it to not be pushy but caused us to think in different ways about things.
Both:It covered topics that we thought about on a deeper level.

December 7th Noel and Whitney – San Francisco, CA “It revived my faith and made me appreciate God on  a deeper level”

Him:It was thought provoking and it definitely gave me a sense of what issues may arise later on, allowing us to be more prepared for when they do arise. It helped shed some light on some issues that I have never heard about before. It revived my faith because we discussed the ways we would be passing on our religion to our children. We want them to understand why we say grace before you eat, why we go to church, and other practices of our faith.
Her:This course definitely made me think about our relationship in a whole different light. It helped me to understand what marriage really means, what we can expect and what we can do to keep working on it. It challenged us to talk about issues we never talked about before and I think that they are important to know before going into the marriage. I am one of those people that likes to learn and using my knowledge to my advantage. I appreciated that the course touched on different areas of our relationship and providing us with the knowledge and tools to not only think about or discuss, but to improve. We realize where we agree and where we can agree to disagree.
Both:It provided us tools to communicate better, for instance, using active listening. It also put us in situations where we had to come up with win-win outcomes, which we found to be challenging.

December 8th Michael and Ashley – Denver, CO “I appreciate the information and help my understand more about marriage the true meaning be hide it.”

Him:My overall impression is going into marriage classes I knew very little about the meaning of God purpose but with these classes help me understand and learn different aspect of marriage and God's love.
Her:My impression of this course helped me to realized that I was starting on the right track with your information it help to push me a little further toward what marriage real means with God's help to guide me. I think taking this course opened up my heart and really getting closer into my faith by learning more about God and what he wants from us.
Both:As a couple we learned little more about ourselves and how we can communicate and being about to listen to each other more being able to share our thoughts and idea of what is coming in our near future.