I didn’t think it would be so personal

September 3rd Eric and Krista – Phoenix, AZ “I appreciated being able to complete {the} assignments when we had time and as being able to delve deeper into many issues through the  additional links and passages.”

Him:This course was great. {…} it really allowed Krista and I to have great conversations as we completed it.
Her: I would say it exceeded my expectations because of the way it brought us together through these very personal discussions
Both:Knowing the significance of our union and the totality by which we will share ourselves reminds me of my strong, everlasting relationship with Christ.

September 4th Drew and Grace – Military Services “It allowed me to have a better understanding of what the catechism says about marriage, family, and prayer

Him:I thought it brought up some good conversations between Grace and I.
Her:I really enjoyed how the course was laid out.
Both:I appreciated the honest answers from {our instructors}.

September 5th Colton and Carly– Denver, CO “ It made us think a lot as a team and individually which was very helpful and I think we both learned a lot.”

Him:There was a lot of great information and feedback throughout the course. 
Her:The information throughout the course was very informative and important to go over as a couple.
Both: It brought up topics for us to discuss that we might not have thought to discuss on our own.

September 6th Matthew and Eve – Denver, CO “Allowed us to spend time together and have conversations that meant a lot to the both of us.”

Him:This was great! It was fun and not difficult to be able to fully participate while working at our own pace.
Her:I was very pleased with the information provided for us and how we have {been able to} grow through each lesson.
Both:It allowed us to find out and practice the proper ways to communicate in a more Christ-like manner.

September 7th Levi and Sheryl – Military Services “I didn’t think it would be so personal{.}”

Him:  It's helped us communicate through some important political, moral and personal topics which we may have not done so otherwise.
Her:It allowed me to share more about myself with Levi as well as learn more about Levi and his views in spirituality.
Both:We improved our communication by talking about our beliefs and opinions throughout each lesson that it brought us closer together, especially the lesson regarding forgiveness.

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