October 8th Paul and Kimberly- Blauvelt, NY “We had great advice, there are so many tools that we can avail ourselves of, and we have a plan now for the future.”
Him: I appreciated how it really worked for both of us. We were able to spend the time working together and learning more about ourselves.
Her: I really liked it. I think we had a really good relationship with our instructors and we learned a lot. We also learned that we need to learn more and continue with lessons for our faith.
Both: We are really impressed. We definitely want to share this program with others because not everyone can go to an in person class.

October 9th Scott and Brittany- Atlanta, GA “It reminded me the importance of the sacraments and how I should incorporate those in my everyday life.”
Him: I thought it was very useful. It's good to have an outline of topics to cover prior to marriage. [It] brings up many topics that we didn't think of or can be uncomfortable to discuss.
Her: It was a good course. I liked that we were able to finish the worksheets on our own time. It allowed us to really talk about each topic together in detail.
Both: The course is a good format to talk intentionally and in detail about things you normally may only discuss in passing or wait until you have to talk about them.

October 10th Mauricio and Kaley-Toledo, OH“It really reminded me of the importance of my faith”
Him: I really enjoyed it! Learned a lot and I feel excited we get to be married in the Catholic Church.
Her: I feel like this was a great tool to really learn more about our faith and each other before our wedding. I really enjoyed how personal this was and how [the instructors] really took the time to address our answers and push us to grow more!
Both: We both found the active listening part so helpful! Really reminded us to take a step back and put the relationship before our individual selves.

October 11th Patrick and Halsey-Burlingame, CA “I think it definitely helped revive my faith and will allow us to be more open to it during this next chapter.”
Him: It was very helpful and awakening. As a student of a Catholic high school, it has been so long since I’ve revisited the definitions and meanings of the sacraments and Catholic life that it was a great refresher course before this journey we're about to embark on together. It definitely has already made me more cognizant of living a more holy life as a Catholic, and how helpful and important it will be during this next chapter. Very revealing and challenging course (in a good way!).
Her: I thought it was a great prep before marriage and started some conversations on topics that we had not discussed before. I did not know about NFP prior to this class and am very interested in it. We also made the "class nights" special by planning out our evenings together that we would make dinner and work on them together, and talk about Christ in our lives.
Both: It made us talk more about our faith and goals as a married couple then we had prior to taking this course. We feel that communication (in all forms - with God, ourselves, our family) was always a central theme to this course, and that it is something that needs to be constantly cultivated during this next chapter of life.

October 12th Jose and Giovanna-San Mateo, CA “I feel blessed and extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to take this class.”
Him: I thought the prep course was very insightful and taught me things about my faith that I never fully understood. I always felt marriage was an important commitment but now I feel I have a better understanding of what it means and why a faith based marriage is richer than the secular practice of bonding a couple.
Her: I truly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the topics presented, and work together with Jose on identifying "our joint answers". I feel I will be able to apply what I learned in our marriage. I'm also very grateful for our instructors' non-judgmental and supportive approach.
Both: Although Jose and I have been pretty good at communicating with each other, this class allowed us to reflect together and discuss how we both feel about our faith, societal issues, marriage, etc.; which opened up a whole new level of sharing.