May 27th Aureo and Karen – San Francisco, CA
“This is an excellent way to prepare Catholic couples for marriage.”

Him:After going through this class, I certainly feel more enlightened and more connected to God.

Her:  What an excellent course to help prepare us to welcome God to our life in marriage!  Will certainly keep the answer keys and refer to them as often as we need to. 

BothThe course forced us to talk through problems that we did not expect to be problem areas.

May 28th Corey and Julia – Greensburgh, PA
“I feel like my faith is revived and renewed.”

Him:The instructions were very helpful and provided personal feedback, I appreciated that the most. 

Her:  I found this course very helpful. I feel a greater sense of preparedness. The instructors were very helpful and it was easy to do at our pace. 

Both: The course gave us tools for better communication with one another. There was also a lot of very helpful info in the extra links.

May 29th Tyler and Christine – Denver, CO 
“The course helped me gain a better insight on how important inviting God into our marriage will be.”

Him: Very eye opening course that led me to strengthen the foundation to my relationship prior to our next step of marriage

Her: I really enjoyed the in-depth feedback and the organization of the topics throughout the course. 

Both It also helped us gain tools and resources to use in order for us to forgive, to love each other more deeply, and to know how important it is for us to truly become one within marriage. 

May 30th Robert and Alexandra – St. Louis, MO
“I appreciated how much the course deepened our communication.”

Him:I really enjoyed the conversations this class brought forth. Sometimes it can be hard to find time to sit down and truly dive into deep and important conversations.

Her: This course will be an awesome tool we will stow away in our marriage kit! I found the Natural Family Planning section to be extremely informative and honestly, it changed my initial belief on the topic.

BothOur conversation through the assignments deepened and we didn't seem nervous or intimidated to agree to disagree or to challenge each other's answers without getting upset or guarded.

May 31st Gabriel and Jenaya – Denver, CO
“The course was wonderfully informative.”

Him:   Taught me a lot about communication, the sacraments and how important it is to have God in our lives and to celebrate our marriage with the Catholic Church.

Her: I really enjoyed the class material, insights from videos and the feedback from the instructors after each lesson. They reassured us that all of our answers and feedback were valued.

Both The course was like a mini refresher of our love for God and how important Jesus is to us and the teachings of the Catholic Church.