September 4th Nicholas and Macy – Loreauville, LA“It revived my faith by showing me that I am able to become closer to Christ and his love for us as a partnership with Macy”

Him:The overall impression of this preparation class for marriage has been a learning experience and a better understanding for myself and I'm sure as Macy could agree. As we prepare to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. I appreciated the step by step process of the teachings the most. In part because it allowed me to slowly understand and become prepared for the lessons questions.
Her: Just as Nicholas has said this was an enlightening experience into our faith as we begin our lives together and prepare to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. I would definitely recommend this way for more military couples whom are separated long distance and are wishing to get married in the eyes of the Catholic Church. I appreciated the last lesson of relationship tools the most. No one can say marriage is perfect and after reviewing that lesson I feel though it gave some good pointers and tips if trouble were to ever arise.
Both: It allowed us to better open up as couple when we are facing problems. That sometimes might make us feel over whelmed.

September 5thMichael and Heather – Canton, OH “It made me desire to start having a better Biblical relationship with Michael.”

Him:I thought the course was detailed and presented well.  Some of the worksheets were long, but that’s because there was a lot of important information to present.  I was able to learn more about my Catholic faith and understand how the gospel guides us through marriage.
Her: I appreciated learning more about NFP. Before this course, I knew that Catholics didn’t approve of birth control, but I have a much better understanding of WHY now. I appreciated all of the research behind it, and we are planning on following NFP.
Both: It forced us to take time and sit down for sometimes hours on end, communicating and completing the worksheets.  Since the topics are sensitive, and since Heather and I are opposites, it forced us to discuss and compromise and decide.  We didn’t always have the solution or answer right away but it at least got us started down the path.  We usually felt pretty accomplished after completing our worksheets and felt closer as a couple!

September 6th Nicholas and Amanda – New Orleans, LA “I have a deeper understanding that God has truly brought me and my future spouse together and that we have a lot to thank him for.”

Him:I believe we gained more from this online class then an actual class because our discussions were with one another and one another alone, we had no outside noise on influence to change what we thought an answer should be and it allowed us to really talk about our answers.
Her:I appreciated the feedback we got from our sponsor couple, while we worked together to talk out everything we learned and reiterate everything we knew in this course their feedback was extremely helpful in helping us get a better understanding for questions we didn't fully understand.
Both: A few assignments really made us discuss what certain answers could be. Even with both of us going to catholic school from K-12 we both had times were we really had to talk about what an answer could be or what a good answer could be.

September 7th Victor and Jasmine – Tucson, AZ “I really appreciated the idea of bringing two people together through readings and small activities.”

Him:I really enjoyed this prep and the way the course was done. Being able to read more about God and marriage really helped how to look at our faith with a bigger heart and more open mind.
Her: It met my expectations 100%. With all the help from the instructors, I really felt I got the help and information needed to become prepared for marriage.
Both:It improved my communication by having us do activities that made us work together. Although we were reading the same passages, we do have different ideas and we were able to bring them together. This included a lot of communication, which in the end, it helped us a lot.

September 8th Mark and Lindsey – Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL “I feel much closer to my faith, making feel slightly more enlightened.  ”

Him:Very informative and educational, I learned a lot more about myself and my beliefs and how they work within our relationship and ultimately our marriage.
Her:I enjoyed all the new facts I learned and all the concepts it opened up between us. The feedback was also very helpful, I enjoyed learning deeper answers to many of the questions that were asked.
Both:I feel like we already have good communication but it helped us open up new conversations on issues or thoughts we had not had yet.