I feel much more prepared

May 6th Brett and Annie – Denver, CO

“I appreciated the freedom to do the course in our own time and in our own home.”

Him:I enjoyed it! I thought it would be tough because of it being online but it was a smooth class!

Her:  I think the course made me look at marriage as more than just Brett and I but that God will also be there to guide us.

BothIt was nice to be able to also talk openly and honestly about some things that are considered uncomfortable. 



May 7th George and Sarah – Hartford, CT

“I appreciated the in depth look at my faith and how important religion is in marriage.”

Him:The wealth of knowledge of the instructors and the variety of different sources and further reading in the answer keys was very useful.

HerI was impressed by the depth that these conversations went into, and how much we learned about marriage and our relationship.

Both: The course made us think about things from different perspective and have some of the more difficult conversations.


May 8th McJullian and Jacqueline – San Francisco, CA  

“I feel much more prepared spiritually and mentally for marriage.”

Him:  It was a great experience getting to learn more about my future wife's perspective. 

Her:  It was a wonderful course. It really triggered a lot of conversations that we haven't had yet. 

Both We actually took the time to have deep discussions and researched things we didn't know about like NFP. 


May 9th Travis and Christina – Raleigh, NC

“I found that the course clarified many questions I had about marriage.”

Him:It opened my mind to a lot that I was unaware of before. I appreciated being able to take the time to sit with one another.  

HerThe answer keys were so in depth and thoughtful.  I think we really learned a lot from the keys in an easy to relate to kind of way.

BothIt asked very in depth questions and opened personal dialogue that may not have been sparked without the course.  


May 10th Andrew and Kim – Springfield, MO

“Helped me see my position in marriage and trust God’s plan.”

Him:   All the sections hit on topics we need to know about to be successful.

Her: I like that is was self paced so weeks that we were busy or had last minute things come up, we didn't have to worry about missing a class.

Both It helped us learn the best way to communicate- when and the best way to approach difficult situations.

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