October 21st Alex and Carissa – Military
“The course was just wonderful. I found it comprehensive and informative.” 

Him: This course was a wonderful preparatory course to marriage in the catholic faith. I did not expect such a comprehensive, real-life discussion of the challenges of married life. 

Her:  I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and detail that the questions in the course addressed. I am grateful to course for being thought provoking and igniting discussions on important issues that we were not aware of.

BothBy going through difficult aspects of our lives, we were able to better understand each other and better embrace our upcoming marriage. 


October 22nd Richard and Emerence – Atlanta, GA  
“The course brought up some interesting points.”

Him: I felt it covered a lot of relevant topics couples should talk about before getting married. 

Her: I think it was well organized and I enjoyed some of the responses from other points of view.

Both:  We appreciated the thought provoking feedbacks from the instructors.


October 23rd Cole and Kelsey – St. Louis, MO
“The course brought us together spiritually.”

Him:   I think it was a good course and it helped having feedback from our instructors in their own personal lives and situations.

Her: I got so much out of this course and feel as though it is a great stepping-stone for our marriage.

Both: This course has also helped us to pray more together which not only opens communication between us, but God as well.


October 24th Ian and Sarah – Sacramento, CA
“The course gave us a safe space to dive into deep, intimate things while feeling supported."

Him: I really appreciated the love letters as it gave me the opportunity to reflect on things that we had been talking about.

Her: I feel strongly that this program allowed us to go much deeper into exploring each topic as we were able to do it on our own time and pace versus at a retreat.

Both  Definitely challenged us to communicate more deeply with one another and explore both our expectations around marriage and faith.


October 25th Cortney and Nneka – Lansing, MI
“The course covered such a broad range of topics!”

Him:  Catholic marriage prep was thorough, engaging, and unforgettable, absolutely incredible experience.

Her: The course truly inspired incredible conversations between Cortney and I and made us dive deeper into our faith and love of the Lord.

Both: We were given tools that forced us to humble ourselves before God and before our spouse instead of blaming or accusing. We were taught about the importance of forgiveness in our marriage, and the future we want to build, with God at the center, because of this course.