July 10th John and Stephanie – Pittsburgh, PA“I really appreciated the depth of the answers you guys provided for us.”

Him: Very helpful in ensuring that all major topics of discussion and issue that could come up during a marriage are addressed before the wedding. Being reassured of his love for us reignited my faith and makes me want to spread that love to my future family.
Her: Insightful perspectives that allow for new ideas on problem-solving marital issues and also on enjoying marriage on a deeper level. This was really enjoyable and reminded me of the peace I used to feel when God was more centered in my life during my catholic high school days. Life gets so hectic, but this really made me want to start clearing out time for my faith.
Both: We can already see the benefit of focusing on adaptive listening and being able to choose battles instead of letting every mundane irritation cause a fight.

July 11th Isaac and Chloe – Winona, MN “It allowed us to discuss topics before our wedding that we might not have thought about discussing before.”

Him: I thought this prep was very thorough; especially considering it is in an online format.  I thought that there was a nice mix of relation and marriage specific questions and how that relates to our faith and the true sacrament of marriage.  Debbie and Joe were very sincere and had a lot of great input for us.
Her: I really enjoyed it.  It helped me learn things about marriage that I didn't think of before and helped me discuss important topics with Isaac more in depth.  Debbie and Joe gave us great feedback on all assignments and were very helpful in this important time in our lives.
Both: Thank you so much to Debbie and Joe for a wonderful experience!  We have grown as a couple and look forward to using the things we learned in our new journey together!

July 12th Samuel and Eleane – Sacramento, CA “It revived my faith because it reitirated the importance of the Lord and His teachings are in my life.”

Him: This course was amazing. I have learned so much in the progression of the course that I know I will hold dearly for the rest of my life. It really has prepared us to live as a married couple and feel closer to her as we found different meaning of our lives, love, and faith.
Her: I actually really enjoyed this program. At first I was a bit skeptical about completing the Marriage prep courses online, but now I am so glad we did! We learned so much as a couple since it made it very intimate, being able to discuss the questions in private.
Both: It improved our communication because we were able to have vulnerable and intimate conversations about our lives together and expectations.

July 13th David and Niamh – Ferns, Ireland “I appreciated the great content of the lessons.”

Him: I found it very useful. It really helped focus our minds and clarify our plans. We hadn't really thought too much about it before this course. I appreciated the feedback [given to] us on each of the answer sheets. It was constructive and helped us learn where we were right and steered us in the right direction when we were off.
Her: It was a great way to focus our minds and prepare for married life. It really clarified some questions I had about the church's teachings.
Both:It forced us to have some difficult conversations. It turned out that we had largely the same opinions on most of it but it was good to work out any differences. It has broken down a barrier a little bit and we both know it is important to fully break it down in married life.

July 14th Kenneth and Erica – Chicago, IL “I learned a lot and I plan to spread the information I learned to friends and family.”

Him: I think it was very informative and the topics were interesting and similar to the experiences we are going to be seeing shortly. I appreciated the lesson on communication. Being a man I feel like we do find it easier not to communicate certain things and at certain times when we should be.
Her: The prep was great. The lessons caught my attention because they were very informative and they were about daily things that we may hear about like contraceptives, abstinence, communicating better, and forgiving. I appreciated the forgiveness assignment. I felt like that one of my issues in our relationship was that I did not easily forgive even for small things and now I trained myself how to get over certain things and forgive.
Both: We learned new techniques to try and certain scenarios when we knew that we needed to communicate.