I learned so much about what makes a marriage last

April 3rd Dan and Brittany- Denver,CO“It further solidified the importance of having our faith be part of our everyday routine…”

Him: Fantastic. It guided us through extremely important conversations that are needed before embarking on this next level in our relationship.  We learned more about each other, we grew together, and we are better for it!
Her: It was great! It started conversations between us that we wouldn't have had until after we were married, and I think many of these points were important to discuss prior to that.
Both: Opened up conversation to issues we hadn't addressed before. Made us talk more deeply about our expectations and our values, how we want to raise our children.

April 4th Timothy and Cindy- Lafayette, LA “It was nice to see a different point of view from another couple.”

Him: I felt the class helped me grow spiritually and helped improve my relationship with not only God but with my significant other. I learned so much about what makes a marriage last. The course was educational and I enjoyed being able to watch videos. The videos helped make the course better. I know as a teacher, nobody wants to get lectured the entire time. The course provided multiple ways to get its message across.
Her: It was truly a wonderful way to have a more in depth conversation about our relationship with God and what his intentions are of man and spouse when they become one. It helped us grow close by practicing abstinence and what that would mean in our marriage. Lastly, it helped us realize that our foundation of what we want our lives to look like in 20 years are the same.
Both: It shed light on what we need to improve on. We learned the strengths and weaknesses of not only ourselves but our relationship with each other and God. It was like a rubric. It helped show us what we are good and poor at. It was a great tool to help clear up any miscommunication we had.

April 5th Niel and April- San Antonio, TX “I appreciated that not only did it present us with information, but it asked us to grapple with it as a couple and figure out how it applied to our relationship.”

Him :Far better than what I would have expected being online. The material was excellent and the interaction with our instructor couple was excellent, especially considering it was through written feedback
Her: I enjoyed the marriage preparation class. I appreciated the wide range of topics covered and the feedback we received from our instructors was very helpful and helped facilitate important conversation
Both: The more you practice with the intent of getting better, the more it will improve.

April 6th Dan and Lauren- Colorado Springs, CO “This course revived my desire to get closer to God in that it reminded me of why I want to get married in the Catholic Church and the sacrament of marriage.”

Him: I thought the class was an excellent option for couple to complete online. It made our marriage preparation much easier as I am in the military. Course material covered definitely sparked necessary conversation between us.
Her: This prep helped me reconnect to my Catholic faith in a way I did not expect. I really enjoyed the participating in the marriage lessons and connecting with Dan on a deeper level.
Both: It helped us to actually discuss topics in regards to our faith. Before the course we would touch on a topic, come to a conclusion that we both agreed, but we never really discussed why. This course really helped us to dig further into topics, understand each other's perspective in relation to what the Catholic Church teaches. I think we are really going to benefit from the discussions we have had from the course, and it will help us to communicate more in depth about things in the future.

April 7th Matthew and Casey- New Orleans, LA “It was the most eye opening and informative to me.”

Him: This course was well organized and thought provoking. A lot of the material was familiar to me but I enjoyed the questions and the way it caused me to think in ways I hadn't before. It also continued to open the doors to Casey and mine's conversations around church, God and family.
Her: This marriage prep was really great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice for my fiancé and I to use this as time to spend together and taking the time to strengthen our relationship with Christ before we receive the sacrament.
Both: Although I thought my fiancé and I had good communication before, this class just showcased that we both do have great communication and even found ways throughout the course to improve our communication within each other. I think it helped improve our communication because we really took the time to listen to each other's answers and opinions for each question and were able to have open discussions about our thoughts and feelings.

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