October 7th Jeff and Roxy – Detroit, MI
“I think it was a pretty good marriage prep course.”

Him: I think it was helpful and created conversations that are important to have before marriage.

Her:  It brought up important conversations that we had to have and really made us think together as opposed to just thinking for ourselves.

BothThe course did revive our faith in a way that it helped us realize that as long as we believe in each other have faith that God will guide us, we will be alright.


October 8th Robert and Berenice – Sacramento, CA  
“I was pleasantly surprised by the course.”

Him:  I liked the last two lessons the best as they focused on problem solving and that generated a lot conversation between us that led to a lot of insightful discoveries.

Her: I like how efficient and available our instructors were throughout this whole process. They answered all of our questions. And gently corrected our mistakes or any places where we needed extra help. 

Both:  This course not only opened up a lot of conversation but also opened up ourselves to each other and more importantly to God.


October 9th Brandon and Katelynn – Sacramento, CA
“The course helped me understand the deep connection between Christ and marriage.”

Him:   Understanding the teachings of our Lord and implementing the lessons and morals into my marriage will be easier because of this course.

Her: I appreciated having a connection with another married couple, our instructors. They were really nice and it was nice to get advice from an already married couple.

Both: The course also really made of think about what we are going to do in our marriage and why we are doing it.


October 10th Galvan and Alexis – Brownsville, TX
“The course was a great way to learn about things in marriage.”

Him: I like that the course wasn’t a test and that our instructors would help us understand things better.

Her:  I think it was a great prep because we understood and took time to actually discuss some of our beliefs goals and what else we want in our marriage

Both We both are now aware of what struggles we may have and how we need to forgive because we will both need that to flourish in our marriage.


October 11th Robert and Casey – Colorado Springs, CO
“I did not think I would learn so much about marriage!”

Him: It revived my faith by showing the true importance and presence of God in my life, especially at the time when I prepare for the sacrament of marriage. 

Her: We looked forward to our assignments and we grew in love and in our relationship due to the in-depth conversations driven by this preparatory period and course. 

Both: With each assignment we got into very in depth, meaningful, and faith driven conversations.