January 21st Christopher and Ashley – Kansas City, KS
“I learned a lot from this course that I feel I can use to have a fulfilling and happy lifelong marriage.”

Him:  I appreciated that the worksheets were thorough and contained a lot of information and additional links.I felt that this was a great course to prepare me for the sacrament of matrimony.  

Her: I thought this was a really well designed course. I really enjoyed the answer keys. I found them very informational and eye opening. 

Both This course has shown us that there will be ups and downs and that communication will be key to a getting through the hard times together.

January 22nd Michael and Amie – Pittsburgh, PA
“We learned how to cope with challenges we will face in our marriage.”

Him:I learned more than I originally expected to about forgiveness and how to build a trusting relationship.

HerThis course was wonderful, I learned so much about my soon to be husband. It helped us grow together. 

Both: I appreciated how the course taught us a new way to communicate when we have disagreements. I feel like it will help us communicate and grow closer.

January 23rd Ruben and Beverly – Denver, CO
“I think the overall dynamic of the course is useful to couples getting married and would recommend it to other couples as well.”

HimThis experience was very enlightening and refreshing.I think it worked perfectly with our work schedule. It helped us open ourselves up and also create connections with new learning.

HerMy overall impression of this prep is very informative. I really enjoyed the interaction between our instructors and us.

BothWorking together on all of these helped our communication because we had to work as a team and share our thoughts as well.

January 24th Jeremy and Samantha – Seattle, WA
“The course was great, it created a lot of good conversations.”   

Him: It taught me a lot on how to be a better husband to my wife and ignite prayer with God.

Her I feel like we are both on the same page when it comes to our future and our marriage. It also gave Jeremy and I more opportunities to pray together.

BothThe course created conversation about future issues and how to overcome them.

January 25th Chris and Amy – Denver, CO
“I liked being one on one to honestly discuss things.”

Him: I think it encouraged me to seek more faithful things in my life because it will bring me closer to my wife.

Her: I think the online forum helped foster more communication between Chris and me than a group setting would have.

BothI appreciated (our instructors) dialogue, stories and experiences. It made the marriage more "real life" for us.