November 12th Jarvis and Roxanne- Honolulu, HI I've learned a lot from this class and I have a better understanding about the Church.”
Him: The class to me was very informational. Help me to get a better understand the journey I’m about to take and really help me and my fiancée to me more verbal with each other by talking to each other about situation we did in the class.
Her: It has revived my faith by teaching me the ways of the Church and God's ways. It has made me to have a fuller understanding of God's teachings.
Both: It helped by having to sit down 2 hours or more to talk about what we both are looking for in our marriage, and what problems might happen within our marriage and how to prepare for the worse and the good in it.

November 13th Kevin and Chelsea- Hopewell, NY  “The course helped me to reaffirm my connection with God and know that the church will be there for me and my husband in the future.”
Him: I'm glad that we did this prep, as it led to conversations that we may not have had otherwise. It got us to look at things from another point of view than we originally thought.
Her: I found this prep to be helpful in making us discuss our ideas about faith, religion and how we want to continue to have a strong relationship with God and one another.
Both: It made us recognize the importance of staying close with God and incorporating God into our marriage and family.

November 14th Ryan and Ryan- Phoenix, AZ “Enjoyable, easy and insightful.”
Him: It made me want to strive better to pray, attend church and keep faith all that can in the best way I can, as a couple and family.  I appreciated getting to know Gods teachings of marriage and life in marriage. Also the tools and support provided for a healthy plan and future with my wife.
Her: It was beautiful, insightful and full of learning tools. It was easy to follow, do and understand. The teachers were so friendly and full of great advice.
Both: It helped remind me of my love for the church in a different way, it helped me to continue to strive more and more to pray together and forward with faith and trust in God.

November 15th Michal and Margaret-Philadelphia,  PA  “It made us think about the different ways to communicate with God, and it strengthened the bond that we have.”
Him: It was a good experience that made me think about Christ and His love for me outside of the box, and how that love can be transferred onto others. I liked that fact that the questions made you think. They were not a read and answer type of questions, the person had to really sit back and reflect on what was being asked.
Her: It is a positive preparation for marriage in the Catholic Church, and it makes you discuss many things that you wouldn't have otherwise.  It made us think more about God's teachings, and pray together more as well.
Both: It made us discuss different aspects of our relationship with a renewed focus on God's teachings.

November 16th David and Elizabeth- Sioux City, IA “the opportunity to discuss the "difficult topics"
Him: My overall impressions of this prep were very eye opening. There were many topics in this prep that brought up conversations that we would not have had otherwise. Also to bring us closer to each other and to God by going through questions and our thought process. We will always be able to look back on this course and your feedback when we ever go through the topics that came up.
Her:I was very impressed with this course overall. I really liked the questions that we discussed. I felt like they were topics that David and I may not have discussed otherwise. By going through these topics designed for marriage, it helped me immensely to look deep inside myself to want to learn more about God and his relationship for us and my relationship.”
Both:We believe the questions that were asked on each of these assignments allowed us the opportunity to discuss the "difficult topics". Talking about money, infidelity, and so on, are not easy discussions to have. But, because we have a relationship that allows us to be open with one another, we feel that talking about these topics was very beneficial!