March 20th Luis and Allina- Omaha, NE “It allowed me to see that we both have different views as we came from different backgrounds. But it helped us solve the problems better and look at it from different perspectives.”

Him: It was a good tool for us to prepare for our wedding even though we are currently geographically separated. It allowed me to see the Church's teachings and align it with my current moral standing. Kind of where I am right now and where I should be heading and compare it to where the Church wants me to go.
Her: The Catholic Marriage prep helped us prepare mentally and spiritually for our future ahead and the online course helped us bridge the gap. The course allowed me to look back and revisit what I've learned before in Catholic school and add on more to that knowledge.
Both: It allowed us to discuss issues and listen to each other and try to understand the different perspectives on issues.

March 21st Joseph and Kayla- New York, NY “It made me realize how important marriage is and that we should honor God each week by going to church and praising him.”

Him: I thought it was very focused on bringing couples together, as it brought Kayla and I closer together. The quizzes were fairly distributed for responses by each person helped to give our own viewpoint. The videos gave me more intellect by using certain scenarios. I loved the videos and enjoyed watching them!! Overall, the work was manageable and adequate.
Her: I really enjoyed doing this course. I felt it increased my self-awareness, as well as learn about Joe's viewpoints. I looked forward to doing it each week, as it was time for Joe and I to reflect and learn. I mostly enjoyed the videos (I am a visual learner). I am so glad we chose this course!
Both: It made us aware of the other person's ideas and expectations for marriage.  When we disagreed on something, we would discuss it.

March 22nd Anthony and Nhien- Denver, CO “I think everyone should take this class even if you're not religious in any way.”

Him: It really opened my eyes and I'm thankful for taking this course. There were good tips which I enjoyed reading that I'll use towards our marriage.  I want to be a loving a present to my wife and I think this guide really helps you do that!
Her: This Catholic marriage prep was very advantageous to us to do before our wedding because I learned a lot about myself and about my relationship with Tony. It has helped open my eyes about how to keep my relationship with God incorporated into our lives and how we will raise our children.
Both: The course has improved our communication because it has called out the flaws in the way we have communicated in the past. Since taking the course, we have been better listeners, more understanding of each other, and we both have been better communicators. The quizzes and love letters helped us to hear the other's point of view in a way other than what we are used to. We didn't do the forgiveness cards because we were able to better communicate and talk about our problems in person. The course was the last step to solidifying that we are ready to be married because now we know for sure that whatever happens, we will have God to guide us through the rest of our lives together.

March 23rd Ryan and Kimberly- Omaha, NE “My faith is revived to get closer to God and his church.

Him: The course really gave me a better understanding of God's role in our marriage. The classes were completed at our time. The classes provided us an environment that enhanced our critical thinking while giving us time to reflect on past, present, and future life together.
Her: The class exceeded my expectation! I feel that have gained a considerable amount of knowledge in preparation of receiving the Sacrament of Marriage. I am very happy with this course. The class enhanced our communication while deepening our spiritual connection.
Both: Improved more as we learn to cultivate our intimacy beyond sexual intimacy, through sharing more of emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

March 24th George and Merrin- Joliet, IL “It's amazing how most subject matter was backed up with scripture and it wants me to learn more about my faith.”

Him: Excellent! Really hit on the important topics. It made me realize how complicated getting married really is and it's not just about saying "I do." It is divine and you must depend on God to make it successful.
Her: We talked about issues and details about our relationship that we previously just glossed over. I think I got more out of this, going at my own pace, rather than doing a crash course over a single weekend. I liked the "his and her" response sections because it forced us to write down what we were thinking and then talk about it.
Both: It forced us to talk about important subjects.