August 21st Christian and Laura – Savannah, GA“I loved the program from beginning to end.”

Him: We gained a lot of valuable insight on the Church’s views on marriage. I feel more confident in strategies to continuously develop our relationship to reach the number 1 goal of marriage. The education on NFP was the most valuable part I think. I knew pretty much nothing about this before the course.
Her: It exceeded our expectations. I think we were going into it knowing we'd be prepared for marriage afterwards, but we learned so much more. Particularly exciting was knowing and reading about the Church's stance on many controversial issues.
Both: It's definitely pushed us to have some tough conversations but much needed. We now have a more clear understanding of the Church's teaching as well as a plan for our future family and our marriage.

August 22ndJacob and Hayley – Kansas City, KS “I was challenged to live my faith how I know I can, living my faith daily.”

Him: I thought the marriage prep was great in every way. It exceeded my expectations and grew our relationship more than I ever could have asked for. I appreciated the coursework as well as the material from sources such as Pope John Paul the Second himself and from the Catechism.
Her: Our marriage prep classes were amazing. They were great for our relationship and will surely help us in the future within our marriage. I appreciated the work of [our instructors] and their mentorship throughout the course. This course helped me to reignite my faith in many ways and has helped me to realize the importance of my faith even more than I already knew of.
Both: Our communication has always been great, but this class helped us to have some great foundational conversations that will help be a great foundation of communication for our marriage.

August 23rd Jeffery and Ashley – Harrisburg, PA “This prep revived our faith in providing us quiet time to pray and build upon our current relationship with God.”

Him: My overall impression of the prep that the prep has been very useful. I believe it helps build the first initial steps for preparing for marriage. It was very helpful to have a Christian couple providing feedback and related knowledge.
Her: Overall I enjoyed the class and I felt like it was more relatable when we had a married couple doing the answer keys for us and giving us feedback.  The class allowed my fiancée and I to have quiet time together to reflect on the Sacrament of Matrimony and contemplate and prepare for our future together.
Both: The course improved our communication because we were able to sit down and have some quiet time together to discuss the questions proposed throughout the course.  We were able to reflect on how God is working in our lives currently and how he will continue to work in our lives as a married couple and when we begin to have a family.  We found out that our communication has to always be strong and we must always help each other be close to God.

August 24th Eric and Lauren – Madison, WI “I feel ready to be married and become one with each other through Christ.”

Him: I feel like we will be closer together now, more able to pray together, and more likely to go to church on a regular basis after completing this program.
Her: It revived and strengthened my faith and I will make a plan to attend church weekly, pray together more frequently, and devote more of our lives toward strengthening out faith and relationship together through Christ.
Both: Thank you so much for this program - it has been wonderful and has helped us grow our faith together as a couple! We feel very prepared for the Sacrament of Matrimony now and we are excited to continue to become more involved with our Church.

August 25th William and Rachel – New Orleans, LA “This definitely revived our faith together as a couple.”

Him: My overall impression of this class is a good one. I feel like my future wife and I talked about a few things we never talked about before, and we found that we agreed on a lot of the topics of this course.
Her: This marriage prep course opened up several conversations that needed to be talked about more or have never been discussed. It has truly opened ours eyes to the true meaning of "marriage" and what is to come on this new journey.
Both: The process of the course definitely helped allow us to communicate better and share our thoughts as a couple. It improved it by asking those sometimes awkward questions and giving us time to think them through and discuss them.