Feb. 29th Scott and Courtney, Military“We enjoyed reading your answers and it helped us talk together about our plans.”
Him:It was helpful to sit down and talk about each lesson.
I appreciated reading some of the topics and talking about them with Courtney. 
Her:I enjoyed going through the examples, and feedback for each lesson.
I appreciated reading through what we might have not gotten completely right. 
Both:We had to talk about how we communicate, and it led to us finding things that we could work better on. 
We enjoyed reading your answers and it helped us talk together about our plans, our mindset, and where we want to be headed towards. 

March 1st: Shelton and Ashley, Rifle, CO: I have been a catholic all my life and I still learned new things!”
Him: Even though I am not Catholic I have learned so much from taking this class. I learned how valuable marriage is and how we can work at making it better.
Her: I loved how thorough our instructors were in answering our questions and always providing feedback when it seemed we were a little lost or confused on a topic.
Both: After taking this class we know how to better approach a situation.

March 2nd: Jeff and Brittany, Savannah, Georgia: “I plan to convert to Catholicism.”
Him: Very helpful and presenting things I never would have thought of. I enjoyed having the Bible readings for us. I also really enjoyed the Green Sex lesson.
Her: It helped me learn to be less selfish and communicate in a better way. I really enjoyed learning about Natural Family Planning. It gave me a lot to think about for my and Jeff's future. I plan to convert to Catholicism.
Both: We really enjoyed everything this course had to offer. It was very worthwhile and the time and effort really paid off. We also appreciate how responsive you were with our answers. Thank you!

March 3rd: Robert and Kathryn, Springbrook, NYIt helped me to see how close marriage and faith go together.”
Him: Informative, it reminded me of the importance of faith in everyday life.
Her:Inspiring. I enjoyed how open the course was with both the positive and sometimes negative situations that can happen in marriage, and how to deal with them.
It helped me to see how close marriage and faith go together
Both: It helped to facilitate conversations on important subjects that we have never discussed. Great course!

March 4th: Gipson and Kurian, Venice, FL: “It reaffirmed our knowledge of church's teachings and importance of following of God.
Him:It was a good course and useful for our lives together. I appreciated to discuss lot about the sacrament of marriage
Her: I thought it was a really good course. It gave us the opportunity to learn more about each other and the sacrament of marriage.
Both:  Yes, even though we follow the church's teachings, it reaffirmed our knowledge of church's teachings and the importance of following of God, prayer and church in our marriage.