June 10th Colby and Chandler – Dallas, TX
“I appreciated the ability to share our thoughts separately and together.”

Him:I thought the course provided a lot of different scenarios and situations that we were able to discuss together and open positive dialogue 

Her:  I loved how much the course covered. There were a few topics we hadn't spoke about previously that really helped us to make our relationship even more rounded.

BothWe loved talking about everything that’s important and vital to a Christian relationship.

June 11th Jonathan and Amber – Tulsa, OK
“Our love and faith have been strengthened though this course.”

Him:I appreciated the questions that my future wife and I collaborated on, because it strengthened our understanding of each other and grow in our love.

Her:  The course revived my faith and helped in committing to strengthening our love and faith--and thus the foundation of our marriage--on the teachings of the church and God's will.

Both: This endeavor has allowed us the ability to communicate matters of great seriousness and depth. 


June 12th Casey and Monserrat – Salt Lake City, UT
“I really appreciated how through the course was and that it didn’t stray from the hard topics.”

Him:  I thought that this was a good learning experience to prepare us for marriage.  It was a course that covered what I felt were important topics that started many discussions that are important to have before marriage. 

Her: I had a great impression with this prep. Our instructors were great, and very personable in their responses.

Both The course also gave us a lot of ideas for things that we need to discuss to learn more about each other and to establish a plan for the future.


June 13th Richard and Jennifer – Rockville Centre, NY
“It made us think about our faith and how we can practice more.”

Him:The course supplied some great brainstorming and conversation on some topics that does not come up very often.

Her: I enjoyed the course. It gave us an opportunity (in a crazy schedule) to spend time together as we prepare for marriage.

BothWe enjoyed taking the time out of our days to talk/ think about our upcoming marriage and life after.


June 17th Blake and Katherine – St. Paul, MI
“I really appreciated how through the course was and that it didn’t stray from the hard topics.”

Him:  This course gave us the ability and responsibility to answer difficult and important topics that would not have been easily presented between us.

Her: This course was a fantasticway for Blake and I to talk about our own perspectives on important aspects of marriage.

Both I appreciated the difficult discussions and questions we went through.