I really enjoyed learning about what it means to give yourself completely to your spouse

July 24th Mike and Meghan – Atlanta, GA“It was great to see the reasons behind the Church's teaching when it comes to Marriage, fidelity, etc.”

Him:It exceeded my expectations. I thought it was incredible helpful, convenient, and a great way for learn more about the sanctity of marriage and how to achieve a successful marriage.
Her: It was great to be able to complete the lessons whenever we had a chance. The flexibility was fantastic. The detailed information on real life issues our couple provided will certainly help us as we start this new chapter in our lives. It did renew my desire to get closer to God. Mike and I are hoping to start praying together, which we had not previously done.
Both: We started to face some of the difficult questions and concerns head on and come up with a plan that works best for us.

July 25th Tyler and Paige – Columbus, OH  “[It] Made me realize how much our faith can help to control our marriage and bring up issues in our lives to talk about as couples.”

Him: It made me realize how important it is in a marriage to communicate with one another and gave me resources to use in case we ever have any issues. I really enjoyed reading our mentors feedback after each assignment. It made realize how important it is to be able to talk to God together through prayer and how our faith appears in our everyday lives.
Her: This marriage prep made us  sit down as a couple and talk about our goals with our marriage and how we will overcome challenges and talk about our struggles in times to come.
Both: When something is bother[ing] us we are able to sit down and talk about it in the moment instead of letting things build up.

July 26th Bryan and Jennifer – Westlake, OH  “This course revived my faith because it really explained how God and marriage go hand in hand”

Him:Overall, this course was very professional and thorough. I am impressed with how detailed each answer key was and how personal it was. We had really nice and deep conversations about God that we really haven't discussed or considered before.
Her: I thought this course was great and provided Bryan and I with a lot of time for deep conversations about God and religion that we have never had (to this extent) before.
Both:We have always took pride in how well we communicate, but this course allowed up to go deeper into conversations on topics that we haven't necessarily had in the past about God and religion, even abortion, which isn't your typical everyday conversation.

July 27th Louie and Rocio – Fresno, CA “I really enjoyed learning about what it means to give yourself completely to your spouse.”

Him:It was very educational and learned a lot. We have now seen things in a whole new perspective and will now try and live our marriage in a different way.
Her:My impression of this was great! My husband and I actually connected on a different level. We both have the desire to be better to each other and work towards becoming a family of Christ. At the beginning, I think we all have our own versions of how things should be. But after going through this experience I believe my husband and I agree more and are on the same page when it comes to understanding what Christ wants for us as a couple and our relationship with him.
Both: Well it improved it by acknowledging that communication is not the main problem but how we handles things. These lessons have taught us how to show each other love without having to be intimate. What roles we should be having and that at the end we are equal.

July 28th John and Antonette – San Francisco, CA “Strengthened what I believed in and encouraged me to explore deepening my faith with my partner through marriage.”

Him:I thought the marriage prep course was very helpful - I learned a lot more about the meaning behind many of the Church traditions.  It also prompted some interesting and valuable conversations on our side. It sparked a lot of philosophical conversations - which made us more interested in the Church.  We made it to Church much more frequently, and overall think we were more accepting of our faith in our lives.
Her: My overall impressions were that this class really tailored to our needs as a couple and help strengthened our spirituality. The answer keys were personalized in a way that felt like our sponsors knew us and what we were experiencing.
Both:The lessons prompted many interesting conversations.  They also gave us a lot more context for the teachings of the Church, which helped us to better connect with their meaning.  Previously many traditions did not make sense or felt arbitrary.  But after learning more and hearing your feedback, we are much more clear on the origins and meaning behind the teachings.

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