June 12th Todd and Anna – Fairbanks, AK“I am more encouraged to use the resources provided throughout the course to have better understanding of the Church teachings.” 

Him: I thought it brought about good topics to help start a conversation about things that we may not have gotten around to until we were already married.
Her: I enjoyed this course.  I learned a lot about the church and bible teachings as they are applied to marriage.  This course also encouraged discussions about topics we had not considered. I was reluctant to do an online course at first, but the more I realized this content encouraged healthy discussion, the more I appreciated it.  I also thought our instructors]provided us with timely and detailed feedback.  I am interested to keep the feedback forms for future reference.
Both: We likely would not have considered discussing many of these difficult topics prior to getting married.  While we do not have the exact answers for everything, we have an open line of communication moving forward and many resources we can use for assistance.

June 13th Michael and Jacquelyn – Savannah, GA “This course definitely gave me the religious background of the sacrament of marriage and I feel that I have a better understanding of what the sacrament really entails.”

Him: The prep did a great job at helping us develop a more deliberate spiritual relationship as we get married. I also think the lessons were well organized and the feedback was very constructive.
Her: I liked how there were lessons specifically about the religious aspects of marriage but also some of the everyday stuff that marriage will be like. It was nice to see how even those everyday things could have religious context. It was nice that some of the lessons were reviews of previous ones to make sure we understood the material.
Both: We really appreciated having this course available online. It was hard to fit in to our crazy schedules, and some of the lessons were really long, but overall we are so glad we had the opportunity to take this course and make our dream of getting married in the Church a reality.

June 14th Matt and Sara – Sioux City, IA “Definitely learned a lot about God, marriage, life and love.”

Him: Overall, I really enjoyed this online experience. By her and I working together to discuss answers and reading feedback provided, we learned that there is more to this marriage than what we thought and we realized how important church and God are in our marriage.
Her: Very impressed with what we learned as a couple through this online experience. It helped us see things from a different perspective and the feedback about each class helped us realize what marriage is all about.
Both: Communication and marriage go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. No yelling at one another, listen to each other, try to see issues from their point of view.

June 15th Jacob and Kelsea - Orange, CA “I think this course allowed me to explore God and his intentions for us in deeper ways and challenged me to think critically about His will.”

Him: This course impacted me a lot more than I expected. I learned a lot about God, marriage, and myself. It was very refreshing to go through the process. This course exceeded my expectations with its depth, feedback, and critical thinking.
Her: It was a great way to really step back and think about not just our wedding, but our marriage holistically. I really think we have more resources and tools available now to turn to throughout our marriage. The amount of feedback was really great info and I felt like I learned much more than expected.
Both: It helped us improve our communication by talking about things we might not have otherwise. It was really helpful to talk about our two different perspectives and viewpoints on the lessons. We're both really proud of each other for committing to this course and a catholic marriage.

June 16th Christopher and Katherine - Joliet, IL “I really feel that my faith was enhanced. It truly made my faith grow.”

Him: I found the prep to be quit enjoyable.  It was very nice to have a chance to reflect on the joys of marriage. Looking into the micro parts of marriage. I firmly believe with the reflection, and deep conversations, it brought me closer with Katherine and my faith in God. I believe that this process exceeded my expectations.  I was very unsure of what to expect. It was very personable. It made me go into a deep cognitive reflection. I sincerely enjoyed it.
Her: I really enjoyed this prep. I liked that it gave us extended time to reflect on the importance of marriage. I really feel that it brought us closer together in our faith.
Both: This course made us sit down and discuss many challenging topics. We feel that it helped us discuss the many possible challenges that we could face within marriage. It helped us communicate together with the Lord.