October 9th Travis and Brooke – Lafayette, LA“This made me want to get closer to God and more engaged in my faith.”

Him:I liked the class overall. I like that it was self-paced and gave us time to complete the assignments on our own. I appreciated the time it too to complete and the in depth questions, as well as the feedback from [our instructors].
Her: I thought that, overall, this class covered many of the main points that you want to take into consideration and prepare with your future spouse for before marriage. I appreciated the time it took to give such great, thoughtful feedback by our instructors on the answer keys.
Both: It brought a lot of good points that are so simple and so profound back to light in my life and faith.

October 10thKristian and Emily – Denver, CO “I think that it made me look closer about my faith and gave me some insight on where to start with raising children within the Church teachings.”

Him:It was much different than I thought it was going to be. I thought that it was excellent, and really had a methodology to it. It was much less intimidating than I thought it was going to be.
Her: This was my first experience with actual Catholic theology. I'm Episcopalian, and while the teachings are very similar, this class really helped clarify questions that I had about the Catholic Church and thought that it was really insightful. I'm inspired to maybe go further with Catholicism.
Both: Because one of us is Catholic and one Episcopalian, it gave us an opportunity to teach each other and bond over a problem solving experience.  Each of us has unique strengths when it comes to things like this and it allowed us to explore and use those traits together.  There were times where we disagreed with each other on some teachings and some topics and it allowed us to discuss them rationally and helped interpret some questions we both had to find a common ground.  All in all, it was a fun and very beneficial experience.

October 11th Robert and Kathleen – Washington, MD  “It brought into perspective how God will be a third pillar in our marriage.”

Him:This prep was very thorough and brought up many different topics of marriage as well as what it means to be a Catholic on a personal level. I appreciated how it integrated passages and teaching from the church to provide a modern perspective of what marriage is supposed to be.
Her:This class brought a deep understanding of Catholic teachings and what a Catholic marriage is meant to be and how to set up a foundation for a successful marriage. I appreciated the communication skills discussion. It helped me learn how to actually be an active listener to be able to acknowledge other's feelings and how to express my own feelings effectively.
Both: Reading and practicing active listening was very helpful. We liked reading the column about what is good to do in order to hear the other and how to respond. It was even better to be able to read an example and how to put that active listening into action in a real life situation.

October 12th Issac and Yodit – Oakland, CA “It made me see how pure and happy you can be when your base for everything is God”

Him:The Prep was really impressive and so insightful. I learned a lot and will keep it in heart throughout the rest of my life.
Her:It was very deep and meaningful, explaining why we should do things as the church expects us to do or live by. A lot of questions answered and I grew a lot from it.
Both:We had more time to discuss and share our ideas and understandings and we learned to even learn to hear and appreciate our personal perspectives along with the answer key and teachings of the church.

October 13th Jonathan and Rose – San Jose, CA “It was an eye opener and not anything I expected it would be”

Him: It revived my faith because at some point through my career with the military it started to fade, but with this class, it helped me open my eyes to Him again. I appreciated the forgiveness cards the most because I now know the meaning of unforgivable and forgivable sins.
Her:It was actually more than I thought it would be. The feedbacks were great, gave us a better understanding of each and every question presented to us. It revived my faith by making it stronger and giving me a better understanding of things that go on in a marriage.
Both:We were more open to one another, able to share feelings we've never shared before and understand certain things about the other person that made us stronger and closer as a couple.