October 28th Ramil and Christine – Sacramento, CA
“I’m really happy we did this course.”

Him: Honestly the course renewed my ideas of marriage in a way that makes me respect my faith in the Church and God’s word even more and most importantly strengthened communication with my wife. 

Her: I loved our instructors insight on our lessons as it helped me further understand our lessons as to what it means to be getting married in the church.  Made me realize why we were doing this in the first place

BothI think I appreciate the love letters and the answer keys the most. The love letters is what helped us reflect and give more thought to our lesson.  And the answer keys gave us great dialogue over dinner.


October 29th Zain and Stephanie – Tampa, FL  
“I appreciated that even as a non-Catholic, I felt included and respected throughout the course.”

Him: I have gained a great deal of respect, admiration, and knowledge from this course. It helped me to see that God reaches into every little part of married life.

Her: I will be referring back to these lessons repeatedly to take advantage of the wealth of resources offered and remind myself of the wise, kind, and uplifting words.

Both:  You could tell that the answers were not just prepared stock answers, but responses crafted with great care after careful review of our submissions.


October 30th Kevin and Brooke – Denver, CO
“The course straitened my faith as it taught me how to incorporate God into our marriage.”

Him:   I liked that it touched upon all the unforeseeable issues that may arise in a marriage and the best way to communicate them.

Her: The course was a great opportunity to discuss our hopes and wants for the marriage.

Both: We loved this program and cannot wait to get married!!


October 31st Uzoma and Eunice – Washington, MD
“The course has been a blessing.”

Him: I appreciated the class helping me be more open towards Eunice. It was educational.

Her: I think every couple can benefit from taking this prep. The tools in this course I would say are not just valuable to couples looking to get married but can even be useful to those who are already married.

Both I appreciate the tools given in this course to help foster and maintain a Christ centered marriage.


November 1st Jakob and Jessica – Las Vegas, NV
“I appreciated the personal feedback the most.”

Him:  This course helped us know where our strengths and weakness are and how we can get better.  It gave me a lot of useful and interesting insights.

Her: I think this was a very insightful course that has made a positive difference for us. It wasn't rigid like I anticipated and was easy to complete even with a partner who is no Catholic or particularly religious.

Both: It highlighted areas of improvement and helped us to get to know each other a little better.