September 24th Michael and Alejendra – Sacramento, CA
“(The course) brought us more together and gave us marriage goals to achieve.”

Him:I appreciated how the course talked about problems that can occur during marriage and gave ideas and lessons on how to avoid and resolve them.
Her:  Very informative and prepped us for what is to come in marriage.
Both:The course improved our communication and is continuing to do so.

September 25th Jacob and Lourdes – Las Cruces, NM
“I think it allowed us to think outside the box”

Him:It opened my eyes and ears to things I hadn’t thought about.
Her:I appreciated reading through the questions and having some else’s feedback besides ours. 
Both:I appreciate (Our instructors) honesty and appreciate them helping us through this course.

September 26th Ryan and Brianna – Colorado Springs, CO
“I’m taking away a new look at what our marriage will become.”

Him: I appreciated all the feedback from the answer keys and the great advice our instructors gave us.
Her:I learned about the right way to handle problems and our marriage in the future.
Both: We gave more thought into our future together and how we want to handle problems and communicate.

September 27th Ibrahim and Ifeanyi – Port Harcourt, Nigeria
“The feedback we received from our instructors was relatable, practical, and timely.”

Him:This marriage course was very insightful and really helped me understand the various aspects of marriage
Her: It helped create a stronger bond between us as we studies and discussed.
Both:It taught us to respect each others point of view and feelings.

September 28th Domingo and Ruby – Orange, CA
“This course gave us the tools we can use to properly communicate.”

Him: I learned many valuable lessons in many aspects of the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Her:Very impressive lay out of assignments. The questions are well thought of. 
Both:We now understand the importance of not just “hearing” but “listening”.