November 18th Kovi and Annie – Colorado Springs, CO
“We enjoyed learning how to integrate our faith into our marriage!”

Him: The course work was very insightful and allowed us to examine our relationship deeper and gain a better understanding of God and grow in our relationship and knowledge of God's love.

Her: This course had taught me more about the important role that God plays in not just my personal life, but the life Kovi and I are building as a married couple.

Both This course asked in depth questions that we had to answer as a couple and not as an individual. We learned how to listen to each other’s wants and needs.


November 19th Brian and Lacy – Venice, FL  
“The course definitely gave us tools to use in our marriage.”

Him: I enjoyed working through this with Lacey. We built a strong foundation to start our journey together with Jesus.

Her: I think the course has guided Brian and I to discuss things we normally don't talk about. I feel that it has given us tools to help us communicate and listen to one another. 

Both: I appreciated how it created conversation and intimacy between Brian and I. It is not every day we get to talk about how we feel about each other. 


November 20th Memo and Leah – Orange, CA
“We appreciated all the feedback!”

Him:  I appreciated how many of the readings gave Leah a better perspective into my faith.

Her:  I LOOOOVVVEEEDDD all of the conversations we had. Even though some of the readings were hard for me to understand, I love how they made us talk

Both: It forced us to have conversations we would not normally have had.


November 21st Eric and Kate – Lansing, MI
“There were a lot of interesting things in this course.”

Him: I liked the material on religious history, including the historical significance, and to know the historical context of everything.

Her: I did learn a great deal, and thought about things I hadn't considered before. It was interesting to be able to see how we each felt and thought about things.

Both: Very well organized course, and Erik and I did have conversations that I know we wouldn't have otherwise. 


November 22nd John and Elizabeth – Pittsburgh, PA
“We liked the quickness of the course.”

Him:  GREAT course!  GREAT instructors in the course, and I loved learning how the word of God plays into marriage preparation.

Her: We feel the online course was more beneficial because it allowed for honest discussion between the two of us.

Both: The course opened discussion around a variety of topics related to the Sacrament of Marriage and the word of God.