September 17th Sean and Kylie- Washington, LA “It made me realize that prayer would be the glue of our relationship”
Him: I really liked hearing feedback. Having the [mentor couple] elaborate more on our answers and the questions really would make you think a little harder and learn more. In return, you are getting more out of the experience.
Her: We definitely started to appreciate attending mass together more, and I began praying more as a result of this marriage prep. It made me realize that prayer would be the glue of our relationship.
Both: It definitely made us closer and appreciate the mass more. Prayer is the glue, receiving the sacraments is the glue. It revived my faith a bit I would have to say.

September 18th Anthony and Claudia-Allentown, PA It forced us to think ahead and plan as well as discuss topics we hadn’t talked about yet. ”
Him: I found it to be a valuable resource in preparing us for marriage. It forced us to think ahead and plan, as well as discuss topics that we hadn't talked about yet. In the process we learned more about each other and were given useful, practical strategies that we can use to treat each other love, kindness and respect.
Her: It reinforced some of the tools we knew of to build a strong marriage (communication, forgiveness, etc.), and it provided additional tools to help us build a strong marriage (marriage first-aid kit for example) centered in Christ.
Both: It got us to discuss topics openly that hadn't previously come to our attention. We found that the questions directed toward each other personally. For example, when we shared our pasts with each other and how they might impact our marriage.

September 19th Michael and Amanda-New York, NY “I appreciated the value of marriage in God’s eyes in a world that tries so hard to challenge your morals.”
Him: It made me focus more on God and want to learn more.
Her: I appreciated the explanation of how man and woman were perfectly designed for each other in so many ways and the value of a marriage in God's eyes in a world that tries so hard to challenge your morals.
Both: We were able to discuss things in black and white when questions were asked. Things weren't asked in a round-about way so we were forced to address topics that we may not have gone so in depth about before. Most of the things reviewed we had already discussed but it required us to go more in depth about our feelings.

September 20th Michael and Melissa-Colorado Springs, CO “It revived my faith because this course clarified where I need to put emphasis”
Him: This course has helped me want to renew my relationship with God and hopefully, through that I will gain a greater understanding of what the church teaches.
Her: I enjoyed the interactive nature of this prep course. It really helped that we were able to do this on our own schedule and that it was an incredibly user-friendly website. I felt like we really got to "meet" our instructors.
Both: The course provided a structured platform for us to discuss concerning topics about both our marriage and our relationship with God.

September 22nd Sean and Jocelyn-Crookston, MN “I most appreciated to view the Church’s teachings from a different perspective from that in which I was raised.”
Him: I most appreciated the ability to view the church's teachings from a different perspective from that in which I was raised. I think it is very important to understand things at the deepest level possible and I truly believe this course goes deep.
Her: I appreciated the deeper philosophical lessons such as forming a conscience. I thought we received great feedback that tried to deepen our understanding of the catholic lessons and strict interpretations presented by the catholic [church] I took more practical tools away from the lessons that broke down how to communicate better and fuller and in different styles.
Both: We did enjoy the course, it did a really good job in explaining the background to our codes and rules. It did a great job in offering more in depth learning about the teachings, and utilized a variety of media to do so. And there a definitely parts of it that I will carry forward into my marriage and feel we will be stronger together, and in our faiths, because of it.