September 21st, Anthony and Jennifer, Ohio: We got a better  understanding of how each other think
His:"This preparation was very helpful. All of the feedback from our instructors was helpful and really opened our communication and caused discussions about marriage that we otherwise would not have had. There was a lot that I didn't know so I greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge that the course provided as well as the feedback that the instructors gave us.  It really reminded of me of God's grace and mercy for us and also reminded me how important it is to go to mass every week."
Her: "The wedding preparation was very insightful. It really made us concentrate on what marriage is all about and how big of a role God has in our marriage. We are very thankful to have gone through this preparation. I appreciate the support and focus that we received specific to our relationship and all of the information that was given to us about marriage and our relationship with God."
Both: "This really allowed us to open up and discuss some of the most difficult things!! It allowed us to understand how each other were feeling and get a better understanding of how each other think. We learned how important it is to communicate everyday with how we are feeling. We couldn't be more thankful to have such great instructors and we really appreciate all of the information that was given to us."

September 22nd, Sammy and Karina, CA: I was able to open up to my wife a little more
His:“I like how we were able to write our love letters, it is a great tool for us to go by when we get into an argument. We got great tips on how to build a stronger relationship. I enjoyed most the Love letters. I was able to open up to my wife a little more. Good guide for our wedding vows."
Her: "Made me realize how much more God loves us. Answered a lot of my personal questions and made me dig deep. I enjoyed the talks about God with my husband and how we both have our own views in religion. Interesting to learn more about Sammy. I enjoyed the NFP. That's something I never considered or knew existed."
Both: "We are interested in learning more. This course leads us to want to know more. We are looking forward to going to mass more often. We registered to retake some communion and confirmation classes. Next step is to go to a marriage retreat."

September 23, Cory and Victoria, CO: Made my love even stronger for my future spouse
His: "It was very educational, and prepared me for what is to come with marriage and ways to handle situation in a marriage. I appreciated a lot the teaching of how to treat your spouse and your children, and how to prioritize your life and your marriage."
Her: " I thought that it taught me a lot about what is to come with marriage and it just reminded me that I don't have to worry about anything because no matter what God will help me get through it. I was touched by the teaching on how to I love your spouse the way God loves you because it has made me see things from a better perspective. Which has made my love even stronger for my future spouse It was more than I expected."
Both: "We want to go to Church together once a week, pray together every day."

September 24th, Dominic and Bethany, Michigan: Gave us a lot of great talking points and conversation starters
His:"I found this very helpful because it touched on points that I never really thought of and helped us start conversations we may have never even touched on before. I like how wide spread this was and how it changed topics on every chapter. I appreciated the different angles it took on questions and the helpful insight on things we didn't necessarily answer correctly."
Her: "I think this prep class was very well organized and the questions brought out a lot of necessary discussion that are crucial to figure out during engagement. I appreciated the well thought out answers from our instructors. They really took the time to read our responses and give personalized feedback that was useful. This class was able to teach me to learn more about the sacrament I am about to make and how to connect it to Catholicism and the importance of living a marriage for Christ. It brought understanding and motivation to both of us."
Both: "It improved our communication by providing tips to be better in our answer keys and gave us a lot of great talking points and conversation starters for topics we would not have thought to discuss beforehand. We were very impressed with this course and appreciate all the time that was put into giving us this opportunity. Thank you!"

September 25th, Eugene and Connie, SC:  My fiancé learned more about Catholicism in any one of these lessons than he did in 6 weeks of RCIA
His: "It introduced me to what the Catholics believe about marriage. I appreciated the opportunity to have discussions with Connie about the different topics brought up. It gave me a chance to learn more.
Her: "I think my fiance learned more about Catholicism in any one of these lessons than he did in 6 weeks of RCIA at our parish last year.
Our parish priest hadn't had a couple go through the online course before, so he couldn't tell us what to expect. We are his test subjects.
Both: "This wasn't a fluff course. You taught about the original plan for marriage, sin, Christ's restoration of marriage, Theology of the Body, and the three goods of marriage. You had us listen to Janet Smith's "Contraception, Why Not!" talk, which is fabulous, as well as her talk on forming one's conscience, which is one I hadn't heard yet but loved. You explained clearly the difference between a valid sacramental marriage and a valid natural marriage."