February 5th Ryan and Liz – Hartford, CT“It taught me a lot about the Catholic Church that I didn't know or had forgotten.”

Him: It was very valuable to sit down with Liz and discuss the intricacies of our future together and how they relate to our faith and the Church. We have had many discussions about the future and our marriage already, but this focused our conversation much more towards Christ and the way Church plays such a big role in our family. I appreciated setting time aside each week to spend with Liz. It gave us a time to sit down, relax and explore our faith together.
Her: I felt that this prep was a good first introduction towards our future together in faith. While we've considered a lot of other aspects of our life together, we had not yet fully explored how our faith would impact the way we live our lives. This allowed us to create a plan and road map for our family.
Both:It broadened our discussions towards faith and Christ.

February 6th Roger and Christine – New Orleans, LA “I found this overall useful and very thorough in its teachings about what constitutes a Catholic wedding and marriage.”

Him:I thought it was very helpful in learning more about the Church's role in Catholic weddings.  Overall though, the course was very effective and well organized. I appreciated the fact that many of the questions had to do with us and our own thoughts and feelings.
Her:This course reminded me of what is important in life, and it was comforting to be reminded of all that goes into marriage. It did, however, especially because of our wonderful guiding couple, reinforce the notion that a Christ-centered marriage can weather so much and is truly a blessing in itself.
Both:Having done long distance for over 5 years, we feel that we are pretty good at communication, and this reminded us about how much we've talked about and where we want to go with our lives.

February 7th Andres and Caitlin – Sacramento, CA “I learned more about Catholicism and God's plan for our marriage.”

Him:I appreciated learning more about the Catholic Church's view on marriage and how God has a unique plan for all of us. It allows me to find a deeper connection and love with Caitlin. I enjoyed learning more about the sacrament of marriage and God's will for all of us.
Her:I think it helped me understand God and the church's teachings better. By gaining more of an understanding I can then be closer to my faith and explore deeper with my future husband. I think that it allowed us to talk about many aspects we haven't discussed yet and get a better understanding of the church.
Both:We talked about topics that we had not talked about prior.

February 8th Pablo and Marina – Montevideo, Costa Rica “I was able to reconnect with God and His Church.”

Him:I thought this prep truly prepared me for the Sacrament of Marriage and helped me to understand how God is present in our marriage and how important this is. I also feel that Marina and I were able to connect on a different level with this course, and it has strengthened our relationship to have done this together.
Her:I feel that this prep absolutely and fully made me realize that I am 100% ready to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. Everything that God tells us about marriage and about being one truly made me realize how deep our love is. I also feel that this prep gave me a full understanding of God's role in marriage and how we are always connected to him in our bond. I also do agree with Pablo in that I feel our relationship was strengthened by this prep and has shown us how strong, pure, and true our love is for one another.
Both:Being able to discuss our answers, the questions, the videos we would watch, and the passages we would read, together, was essential to improving our communication. We both feel that this prep has helped our communication so much, and has also given us new topics to discuss. It definitely made us share things more in depth and feel that we could fully trust one another and have discussions about what we were learning.

February 9th Doug and Ann – Arlington, VA “It absolutely motivated me to pursue a relationship with God”

Him: It was extremely helpful.  It definitely provoked thoughts and conversations that I would not have been thinking about without the course.  I also came to feel very connected with our mentor couple -- I really felt like we had two people out there rooting for us and helping us as best they could.
Her:I enjoyed the time we spent working on these lessons together.  It was a good mix of religious information and practical information about marriage.  We feel like we have reconnected with the church through this program, and it has sparked many important conversations.
Both:The best parts of the program were the parts that provoked us to think and talk about things we had not previously talked about.  Sometimes you need something like this course to force you to step away from daily activities and think about other things that may have been close to the surface, but were not at the forefront of your day to day thoughts.  The course also made it easier to just talk about God and religion in our daily relationship.