April 2nd Kevin and Jennifer – Sacramento, CA“It got me to start thinking about certain things about my faith that normally I would not focus on.”

Him:It was a good opportunity to hear another perspective of religion, life and marriage other than our families' perspective. This is the most amount of verses I have read in the Bible. The class successfully got me to talk about religion and married life which is usually not something I openly discuss.
Her: I think the course was great. It gave us an opportunity to learn more about the Catholic Church as well as learn more about each other. It allowed us to spend more time together on emotional level. It revived my desire to get closer to God and His Church. This course gave me an opportunity to reconnect with what I learned at a younger age and deepen the depth of my faith.
Both:It taught us to listen more and not jump to conclusions. It taught us a new technique- the I-Message.

April 3rd Anthony and Emma – Indianapolis, IN “It's invigorated me to continue learning and praying.”

Him:Really awesome!! It really takes a deep dive into why we marry as Catholics and how to be a great spouse. I loved the questions and answers. The responses were always very informative and understandable. The instructors were fantastic. I love learning more and more about our faith. At first it can seem overwhelming the things that need to be done by the wedding day. So I started to feel bogged down by the "task" of doing the marriage prep but it immediately became an inspiring/informing lesson when it began. It inspires me to be the best version I can be for Emma and those around me.
Her:Super great at giving the proper amount of guidance and giving the specific education needed for our marriage! The course definitely met the expectations I had. It's been a great online class and resource for us.
Both: It brought important church teachings up that we discuss continually on how beautiful and truthful it is. We have set aside time to pray every day and we've set some important goals for our lives.

April 4th Josh and Georgia – Sioux City, IA “I learned a considerable amount about my Catholic faith through this course.”

Him:I was incredibly impressed with this course. It wasn't at all what I had expected it to be. I feel like both of us enjoyed going through the classes and got a lot out of it. I appreciated having a couple who understood some of the challenges that we have and will continue to face. Getting their perspective on the issues and advice on how to handle things was great.
Her:I feel like I learned a lot through this class, about not only the covenant of marriage itself, but also about my fiancée. I think that this class better prepared us for the commitment we are about to make with one another and has strengthened our relationship. I also loved that we had a real couple to guide us through this process and give us great advice. It added a personal touch to the course, and [our instructors] were truly wonderful.
Both:It forced us to discuss difficult issues and challenged us to see things from different viewpoints.

April 5th Benjamin and Nicole – Alexandria, LA “I think these classes gave me greater insight as to what my faith teaches and how it is involved in having a happy, fruitful marriage.”

Him:I really enjoyed the learning style of having us first answer questions and then explaining the answer to us. I feel this is an easier way to learn than simply being given the information. I enjoyed learning more about Nicole and about the gift of Marriage that God has prepared for us.
Her:I thought this program provided a lot of growth for Ben and I in the spiritual side of our relationship. We had explored our spirituality together before, but never to this great of an extent. I think these classes have been greatly helpful and have enjoyed talking about these topics with my future husband. I loved the feedback from our instructors also that gave us greater insight as to how God and our spiritual life is vital to our marriage.
Both:We have always had strong communication skills because that is how we started our relationship, long meaningful talks. We have grown even closer and better in our communication because this course has focused on discussions related to our faith. Before this course, we did not discuss this often or actively share our opinions

April 6th Anthony and Nicole – Syracuse, NY “It helped us better understand each other and I feel like it brought us much closer as a couple.”

Him: I really enjoyed being able to go through each topic with Nicole. To be able to have a better understanding of the sacrament I am undertaking. I really appreciated the topics that we went over and having a couple working with us and guiding us through the course.
Her:I really feel like this marriage prep really brought us closer together. I feel like we were able to learn more about each other than we already knew.I feel like it has revived my faith by showing me once again that Christ will always be there for you and will continuously be in mine and Anthony's life to guide us and love us.
Both:I feel like it improved our communication. We have learned to let each other communicate without interrupting. To work harder on verbalizing our needs instead of assuming the other just knows.We would recommend this to anyone who decided to undergo this sacrament. This really does give you a better understanding of each other and Christ.