January 30th Joseph and Andria- Scranton,PA“The insight was priceless and we will take it with us throughout our lives.”
Him: I appreciate the convenience of doing this from home. I have a very busy schedule and this was a tremendous help for me. Being able to go at our own pace was also very great.
Her: I am so happy we decided to get married within the Church. This course has helped us in so many ways. We have a better understanding and appreciation for the sacrament of marriage as well as becoming better Catholics. I was not expecting to get so much insight for this step we are about to take. I appreciate decision we have made to get married so much more. I am thankful and grateful for all the tools we have taken from this course in order to better our relationship and success with our marriage. I can't say thank you enough.
Both: We have noticed a great change in our communication skills and understanding one another. We are more conscious of the decisions we make and the words we say to each other. We feel as though we are better prepared for the life we have ahead of us.

January 31st  James and Nicolina- New York, NY “It gave me a better understanding of the importance of marriage.”
Him: It made me really think about my relationship with God. I say I'm religious but this made me think about why.
Her: It gave me a better understanding of the importance of marriage. That it is an important sacrament, not just about the wedding but the value of committing yourself to one person.
Both: Made us reflect on why we want to marry each other. We've been together so long that it was nice to relive some of the things that made us fall in love.

February 1st Ryan and Stephanie- San Diego, CA  “I feel it opened the discussion on some topics we had not discussed yet and provided tools and resources that we can refer to in the future.”
Him:I t was very insightful and opened dialogue on many topics. I enjoyed the feedback we received from [the instructors].
Her: It was very informative.  I really enjoyed the combination of his/her answers as well as creating an answer together, thus encouraging dialog, communication and active listening.
Both: The course allowed us to speak about many of the aspects of marriage that we have talked about in the past, however, the course gave us structure and allowed for more in depth discussions. Also, the importance of active listening and "I" statements.

February 2nd Brad and Courtney- Sante Fe, NM “It taught me how to understand and read the Bible as well as the Catechism of the Church.
Him: It's very good, it brings new ideas, thought processes and skills to light while helping each one of us to understand ways of incorporating these into our daily life in order to help us build a strong healthy relationship between us and the Lord.  And faith and love between us and our relationship.
Her: It was a great course!!  I learned so much about what the Bible and Church teaches on marriage that I had never thought about!!  I used to take the idea of marriage for granted, but after this course I never will.
Both: It allowed us to both learn together the broad depth of the church and her teachings along with the depth of the sacrament of matrimony.  We were able to talk and discuss things that we never would have before.

February 3rd Robert and Jamie- Nortwich, CT  “It brought me better clarity to what is really important in a marriage.”
Him: I thought it was very interesting and gave me a new (and insider) perspective on the catholic faith. The questions were very insightful and responses very thoughtful - you could tell a lot of care and attention went into planning it.
Her: I appreciated the lesson on forgiveness and reconciliation. I think this is an area I can improve on and I know that if I can learn to forgive, I will allow God more into my life, as well as strengthen my relationship with Rob and those I love
Both: It helped us talk about difficult issues we hadn’t addressed yet. It also allowed us to be completely open with each other and spend more quality time together. It made us excited to start our life together knowing that we have the right tools and guidance to get our marriage off on the right foot!