May 7th Luke and Emily – Indiana, IN “It helped to introduce topics and discussions I did not think of before.”

Him:I was really impressed with the overall flow of the class. It really helped me get out of my comfort zone when talking certain religious aspects of my life. Yes, it really made me consider how important your faith is to a successful marriage.
Her: Overall, I really enjoyed the classes and felt as though they provided us with a new channel of communication. It allowed for us to better understand a marriage and the religious beliefs we share. Yes this course did revive my faith. It made me think of things that I had not thought of before. Through the use of bible versus, I was also able to connect closer with what they mean.
Both:It opened up a new channel of communication. We worked together to talk and walk through the courses.

May 8th Chris and Alessia – Washington D.C. “This course further ignited our desire to get closer to God and His Church.”

Him:This course was packed with essential content needed for not only marriage, but basic Catholic fundamentals. To think that people go into marriage without this information is very frightening. I very much appreciated the "His & Her" responses, as well as the personalized love letters! This course met my expectations, even going as far as exceeding them. The concept of paying money for a course wasn't appealing to me at first, but now I know the price of this content is immeasurable. I feel much more comfortable now going into marriage with the content of this course in my "tool bag."
Her:This course was incredible! Very thorough, educational, useful, and inspiring. Mike and Lisa are great-such an amazing couple and fantastic role models. I learned so much in this course, and my relationship with God and with Chris has greatly deepened. It definitely exceeded my expectations! I was honestly a little worried before we started that this course wouldn't be as impactful as it might be in person, but it was impactful and more!
Both: The whole process of filling out these worksheets out, finding the time, compromising, discussing, definitely improved our communication skills. Having a common goal in our period of engagement has allowed us to get some feel of what our marriage will be like. Our favorite part of this course that applies to communication, was the active listening article, and the tools it mentioned. This provided a deeper perspective to what communication consists of, by identifying specific components of how it harmonizes with two persons.

May 9th Julian and Aimee – St. Joseph, MI “This course helped me feel a stronger connection to God and the Church.”

Him:What a great course! We were able to strengthen our relationship, while learning more about the sacred vows we are about to make.
Her:I really enjoyed this course. We were able to work together on each assignment, which help us feel more like a team. We also were able to better understand how important marriage is, and the real reasons why we both feel in our hearts, it is time to make this commitment to each other.
Both:We were able to speak more openly and freely about things and feelings we had not really discussed in a while. We had let ourselves get wrapped up in work and making preparations for the big day, that we hadn't taken time to hear each other out and really talk about our thoughts/feelings.

May 10th Tommy and Amanda – San Diego, CA “It reminded me how important the Catholic faith is to my life.”

Him:I very much enjoyed the prep. It was a good refresher for me on what it means to be married as a Catholic. In addition I was able to share part of my Catholic faith with my fiancée.  I would definitely recommend it to future engaged couples. It allowed for discussions of topics ranging from Christ in marriage to sex in marriage to how to resolve conflicts that may arise.
Her:The information from this prep course was very informative and allowed us to open up as a couple and talk about things that will be important in our marriage. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this prep course.  Now that it is completed I feel that we are better prepared for our future together.  This prep allowed us to discuss important issues and after doing so I think that we will be able to use the tools to help guide us in our marriage.
Both:We were able to talk more in depth about important issues that may have been over looked before.  We were also able to get on the same page about several issues involving marriage.

May 11th Jean-Jacque and Madeleine – Venice, FL “This course reaffirmed the love I have for God and the church”

Him: I found this course to be extremely informative and spiritual moving. I truly enjoyed every class and feel that we will continue to practice everything we learned. I appreciated being able to read the viewpoints of the church and of our instructors, it was great to learn and read of others experiences.
Her:I absolutely enjoyed every lesson in this course and what made it that much more enjoyable were our instructors Christine and Christian. I feel that they went beyond just teaching us and established a connection with their comments and the sharing of their anecdotes. I also feel that this course was extremely beneficial and will utilize the knowledge gained in our daily life.
Both:It solidified the foundation we share in discussing important things with one another. This course opened important topics and invited us to share our opinions and go beyond a yes and no answer asking us to answer why, how, and when. We are truly great full and blessed to have had the opportunity to take this course and implement its teachings in our lives.