I will admit it was a lot of work, but marriage is, right?!?

March 14th,Antonio and Maria Andrade, Tulare, CA: “It helps couples get closer to God”
Him: Everything was perfect and we received great feedback from our instructorsI think it is a well-developed prep. It helps couples get closer to God.
Her: It was a great experience. I learned more about God and about our relationship with him.
Both: We were both able to share our expectations about marriage, our needs, and our concerns.

March 15th, Paul and Kathryne, San Francisco, CA:  "allowed us to sit down with each other and have open conversations"
Him:  It was great and convenient for our busy schedules. It allowed us to set aside time together particularly for us to learn more about each other and what marriage really is all about.
Her: I loved the convenience since our family has an extremely busy schedule. This program really allowed us to sit down with each other and have open conversations and learning experiences in the comfort of our home.
Both: It allowed us to really open up about our personal thoughts on important marital issues. We also realized that we could disagree and have healthy conversations and come to a compromise. Thank you for all of your detailed responses. It was truly a learning experience because of all the work you put into our course.  Thank you!

March 16th Kevin and Julia, Tulsa, OK:   “There was a great deal of education and information”
Him: There was a great deal of education and information. I enjoyed the relationship tools and looking a little deeper into what my thoughts and ideas were on marriage.
Her: It was very thorough, informative and educational. I enjoyed reading the comments and answers. I will admit it was a lot of work, but marriage is right?!? I'm very thankful to have you guys praying for us and our family.
Both: It brought up a few things we needed to discuss, opening the door. Also new techniques on communication especially when we are frustrated and upset.
We cannot thank you enough for your quick responses and great tips. Thank you for lifting us up in prayer and being there for us! We too are praying for you and the work you do for so many couples!! 

March 17th Ashin and Steffi, Falls Church, VA: “It helped us discuss topics which were crucial to our marriage and which we otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.”
Him:The classes were great. The course covered many important topics which will surely help us live a happy marriage in our catholic faith.
Her:I think the class was a great help! It helped us open up and discuss things which we would not have otherwise openly discussed. It also broadened our knowledge on the role of a man and a woman in each other’s lives and their duty as a married couple.
Both: Please keep us in your prayers so that the Almighty God would shower his blessings and help us lead a good catholic life together.

March 18th Joseph and Cindy, Los Angeles, CA: “It improved our communication tremendously.”
Him: It was impressive, thorough and I have been using some of the lessons I learned from the class with my fiancé. It also touched on a few issues that not to many people talk about openly. We have so much to be thankful for and these classes help us put things into perspective.
Her: For the first time since going through these classes, I feel we are more connected spiritually.
We are reminded that God should always be a big part of our lives. We tend to overlook how things may seem but if we put our Lord in the picture everything will work itself out.
Both: We appreciate the convenience factor such as doing the lessons at night and on the weekends.

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