March 25th Paul and Taylor – Denver, CO
“It triggered lots of great discussion and I would highly recommend it to any busy couple.”

Him:This prep course was really helpful, and easy to follow. It was great to go at our own pace.

Her: This course was super! I really appreciated how thoughtful and detailed (the instructors) answer guides were and I'm sure we will look back at them throughout our marriage. 

BothWe have made and set goals for each other and discussed expectations that we had not in the past.


March 27th Matt and Jessica – Atlanta, GA 
“This was great! We had a lot of discussions that we may not have thought to have without this course!”

Him This course deepened my faith with crucial background information about the Sacrament of Marriage.

Her: Definitly a must do for everyone that gets married. It picks up topics that you usually do not think about until they come of importance/until it’s the time. 

Both It opened our eyes on what is important and how communication should be handled.

March 28th Justyn and Linda – Portland, OR
“We have learned so much and will take these lessons with us. It was a fun and enjoyable journey.”

Him:I thought it was interesting and I learned a lot. I think this course will definitely help me in my marriage.

HerI appreciate the dedicated time the instructors spent to really get to know us and how personal it was. It allowed me to feel really engaged and committed to the assignments.

BothNow that we have completed the course, we feel like we can get through any obstacle and the key to doing so is communicating!

March 29th Luis and Andrea – Tegucigalpa, Honduras 
“The course gave us a clear path on how we can truly enrich our faith as a couple.”

Him: Very insightful, it has been a huge help as we embark on our life as a married couple. The course has guided us and helped us prepare to enrich our marriage with God. 

Her: The course was better than I expected. It taught us about the things we truly need to prioritize in our life as a couple. 

BothThe time spend relating the Church's teachings to the real life situations that we'll face in marriage. The feedback was also very insightful and helped us look deeper into the topics