October 22nd Benjamin and Nicole- Swanton, OH “I thought it was insightful and that I learned more than I expected to.”
Him: I felt it was very beneficial. It forced us to learn more about our faith and we talked about topics we never thought we would have to cover. I appreciated that it allowed us to work together toward a common goal. This is because it boosted our communication and our team skills, both things that I feel are highly important for marriage.
Her: I appreciated that they required so much discussion, I feel like I learned a lot about Ben and about my faith. I liked that the instructors went so in depth with the answer keys as well.
Both: It has inspired me to work harder to keep up a strong relationship with God, and to continuously invite Him into my life and my relationships.

October 23rd Joseph and Rebecca- Portland, OR “I really enjoyed praying before the courses and after as well”
Him: I learned a lot about in this Catholic marriage prep. I am glad that I was able to participate and understand more about the sacrament of marriage. It made me want to be closer to God and thank Him for the companion in my life.
Her: The prep was very thorough and very educational. I am glad that I got to review with my fiancée the Catholic teachings of God and we were able to discuss important facts and potential conflicts that arise in a marriage. I really enjoyed praying before the courses and after as well. I feel like it made Joe and I closer to God and our faith. We will continue to pray together throughout our marriage.
Both: We were able to discuss topics that were uncomfortable to talk about before. These courses gave us the opportunity to open up about our future children and in laws. This course definitely helped our communication.

October 24th Eduardo and Natalie-San Francisco, CA “This course really challenged me to focus on how God is a part of all aspects of my life, and will be a part of my marriage.”
Him: This course has reminded me of a lot of the teachings I received as a child about Jesus. It has definitely reactivated my faith and I'm excited to share it with my future wife.
Her: I think it was extremely valuable to take some time to consider many issues that are important to our lives and our marriage. We were able to delve deeply into some difficult issues, while also learning a lot about our expectations for marriage.
Both: It forced us to talk about issues that were difficult for us. Keeping lines of communication open about all things (not just the easy stuff) is important.

October 25th Aidan and Amber-Westminster, UK “This is a great, flexible course that deepens your faith and understanding and I hope many more couples complete it!”
Him: I really enjoyed this wedding preparation course and the ability to complete it over a period time where we were able to thoroughly discuss very important issues. I found the feedback to be very quick, personalized and comprehensive further; I really enjoyed reading it and discussing it with Amber. I also really liked the links that the answer key provides allowing us to further understand the reasons behind the answer keys.
Her: I appreciated the answer key and the detailed responses of our tutors. The quizzes were very useful and helped us to discuss our priorities, hopes and expectations from marriage; we might not have explicitly discussed these issues otherwise.
Both: It provided an opportunity to discuss issues that we hadn't discussed as a couple. These included things like what my faith means to me, children, finances, what marriage really is and the expectations we have of each other. It has provided us with a renewed and improved channel of communication and brought us together as a couple and a team.

October 26th Felipe and Brittany- Lubbock, TX “It went above and beyond. We have grown as a couple in so short of time and learned so much about our faith.”
Him: It was great super exciting. It helped out in so many ways and has been our topic in conversations for the past few days. The courses were GREAT!!! And our instructors were outstanding.
Her:IT WAS AMAZING!! Felt like we grew in our relationship not only with each other but also with God.