October 15th Jesse and Bianca- Sacramento, CA “It helped me understand that back story to marriage and brings me closer through this Sacrament.”
Him: I appreciated the fact that the feedback was all written to our responses and not standardized answers. It was very informative and nice. It is enlightening and gets you to think about your relationship from different perspectives.
Her: It was nice to explore the meaning behind being married in a Catholic church and getting to know ourselves even better.
Both: We were able to bring up subjects that are uncomfortable and talk through our issues well and it showed us that this can be used in other disagreements.

October 16th Scott and Brittany- Atlanta, GA “It brought up a lot of topics that haven't been explored in a while.”
Him: This class has allowed us to work together to improve our knowledge and our Faith in preparing for our wedding. I appreciated all of the education and how it made us discuss several topics that we have not approached prior.
Her: The class was very informative and allowed us to deepen our Faith together. I appreciated the conversation that the classes sparked between us.
Both: We feel that our communication is excellent but it did bring up new topics for us to discuss more in depth.

October 17th Dennis and Rosa-Brooklyn, NY “It almost didn't feel like it was online, it was more like you guys were present with us”
Him: I felt it was very encouraging and engaging between me and Rose. It forced us to think theologically and practically about ourselves and the future of our marriage. I thought I understood what purpose was but this really gave a blueprint of what real purpose in Christ is all about. We gained so much in such a short period of time. It almost didn't feel like it was online, it was more like you guys were present with us, and took your time to read and comment on our answers.
Her: I really enjoyed this preparation, it made me think about things in such a different way. Being part of the Catholic Church my whole life I never knew some of the thing I learned in this marriage preparation about the approach the church has on different topics. It really sparked up many good conversations between Dennis and I on every topic addressed. We are especially are grateful for your deep and profound feedback full of so much wisdom.
Both: We understand in a much deeper level now how important it is for us to pray together first about everything. It also opened us up to think about God together instead of just individually. We will surely be continuing to benefit from all the resources we were provided through this course and your profound wisdom.

October 18th Steven and Shireen-Topeka, KS “It went above and beyond any expectations I had for a marriage prep course!”
Him: I appreciated the large amount of resources that were provided throughout the course and also the use of videos throughout. This really helped to bring perspective and more depth into the course.
Her: The course definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church and it has ignited the desire to want to serve Him more!
Both: It gave us many important things to discuss and also made us talk again about things that we have previously discussed. It also gave us new insight on different ways to communicate.

October 19th Gabriel and Kristen- Providence, RI “I always felt like we could be honest and open and that you had our best interests at heart.”
Him: It has made me more aware of ways in which I could be living my faith more fully, and how being closer to God can help me serve my future spouse and my community better. It has pushed me to grow in my faith and as a person in preparation for our marriage and for the rest of our lives.
Her: I thought this prep was very thorough and informative. I enjoyed spreading the prep out over multiple weeks because it gave us something to think and talk about each week. The course kept the focus on God in our relationship and provided many helpful words of wisdom and tools for the future.
Both: The course allowed us to concretely expand our thoughts on topics we had discussed in the past, and created greater depth in our communication. The joint responses were particularly helpful in improving our communication and understanding of one another's thoughts on a topic.