August 20th Andrew and Fiorella – Arlington, VA“[I appreciated] The love letters because I was able to tell him how I feel when sometimes I cannot do that through words!”

Him:This prep was exactly what we needed. There are so many different pieces to a marriage and often times we overlook the smallest ones that can have the biggest impact. So we were grateful to have gone through this task together.
Her: I was able to connect back to when I was younger and went through Baptism and Confession and attending mass every Sunday. Now I can see how important that was to this day!
Both:Our communication has improved but was already good. The active listening portion was a good example of helping us to learn something new.

August 21st Trent and Ally – Denver, CO “I appreciate the time we got to spend together talking about our faith.”

Him:My impression was skeptical going into the prep but after doing all the prep work it really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Some things I haven't thought about or given enough thought to. I enjoyed the training and it has benefited our preparation for marriage and will make us a better couple. I have always felt I had a strong relationship with God, but as I went through the course and talked with close friends, I have realized I have a long way to go and I need to continue to develop my relationship with God. It has ignited a fire in me to keep God always at the front of my head and heart and to be a stronger godly man to lead my household faithfully.
Her:It exceeded my expectations. A lot of very informative and helpful knowledge – [our instructors] really put a lot of effort into their answers and the work that went into preparing this course was done a lot of thought and care. I have always had a deeper knowledge of my faith than my peers, but I think this revived it and brought it back to the surface. It went deeper into areas that I wasn't as strong in, as well.
Both:We were able to freely express ourselves and feelings about a subject, and communicate through this by asking each other questions to fully understand each other’s thought process.

August 22nd Henry and Julie – San Francisco, CA “It brought us closer to God.”

Him:I am astounded on the quality of this preparation class. It brought Julie and I closer together. We're excited to share what we learned to family and friends. A big thank you to [our instructors] for their guidance and sharing personal struggles they overcame in their marriage.
Her:This marriage preparatory class was absolutely amazing. Every lesson was filled with so many details and has helped us to grow stronger together. It has already helped us overcome things we need to work on to become closer to God and have him be a part of our planning and marriage going forward. I have already been able to share things I've learned with those close to me and seen how it has already helped them. These lessons we will be keeping and re-studying so we can keep our marriage strong with God at the center of it.
Both:We have been able to talk about all these subjects where otherwise may not have delved into as deeply without the guidance of this course to go about these topics the right way with God being a part of them.

August 23th Mike and Annie – Oakland, CA “Exceeded expectations!”

Him:I think this course was great. It was made personal even though done online. The detail in the answers was a pleasant surprise. This stimulated my faith. I say this because I have never practiced religion very much, but have not outwardly denied it. Not since I was 15 anyway. This course has stoked my curiosity in my own faith.
Her:I was really impressed by how much this course prompted Mike and I do discuss important topics before marriage. I think it also gave us a good expectation of what marriage is and some of the potential threats we should expect to see in the future
Both:It allowed us to communicate more openly about our faith as opposed to having some reservations in the past.

August 24thDan and Sara – New York, NY “I appreciated the personal feedback we received from our instructors.”

Him: For an online class, this course was extremely informative and helpful. Most online classes are very informal and don’t always drive home the point but this class did the opposite. The lessons were engaging and the questions allowed for discussion and learning.
Her:This class was exactly what we needed. It prepared us for a lot of challenges we hadn't thought of and we learned so much from this class. This class exceeded my expectations. I was a little hesitant with the online version and wasn't sure if we would learn as much but I was pleasantly surprised. I really appreciated the classes that made us reflect on our relationship, what we want from our marriage, and how to take on challenges together while acknowledging each other's needs.
Both:This course opened of conversations that Sara and I never thought to have at the time such as opening our house to God, planning for our future family and NFP and was to resolve conflict. Now that those lines of communication are open we feel even closer to each other.