It could not have been a more thought out, involving course

October 1st Logan and Natalie – Baton Rouge, LA
"It could not have been a more thought out, involving course.”

Him: Very joyful course to complete with my future spouse. It was an all around great learning experience.

Her: I appreciated the quotes and verses from the Bible and Catechism that were provided with the lessons and answers given. It allowed for deeper reasoning and examination.

Both: (The course) gave us the opportunity for weeks of one-on-one lessons. Lessons that were not simply preached but had background, like the "why's" and the "how's".

October 2nd Joseph and Regina – San Bernardino, CA 
“We feel like we are more equipped to love each other in the high and lows.”

Him: It not only opened my eyes and heart but also helped me understanding the importance of communication and patience in a relationship.

Her: I was not expecting the depth of learning we would enter with this course and I am so grateful it exceeded my expectations.

Both: It has helped us practice a language that helps us move through our challenges with more openness and forgiveness.  

October 3rd Andrew and Alyssa – Boston, MA
“I appreciated the self-paced component and the push that was given to us to step out of our comfort zones.”

Him: This course really helped to push our conversations and understandings around God and what it means to be Christian.

Her: I appreciated the flexibility. Not feeling stressed about when and where we had to complete the lessons made it more enjoyable.

Both: We talked about things we had never talked about before during this course.


October 4th Michael and Caitlin - Minneapolis, MN
“I appreciated the convenience of the course. But, I also appreciated that it didn’t feel cheapened.”

Him: I thought this was a great course. The worksheets were thought and conversation provoking, and the corrected keys helped us a lot to understand what we believe as Catholics.

Her:  I appreciated the thoughtful responses that (our instructors) offered.

Both: It kind of reminded me how big of a part God is in our marriage

October 5th Alexis and Yolitzma – Tucson, AZ
“This was an amazing prep for our wedding.”

Him: It was a great option considering we were out of the country for half the year.  We really appreciate the personal connection with our mentors.

Her: I appreciated that (our instructors) were very helpful in giving us insight about all of our answers and explaining all the questions to us. 

Both: It improved our communication.  Having difficult discussions and working through the nuances of our opinions helped us understand how to communicate on issues outside of our faith.

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