March 5th Taylor and Kristen – St. Joseph, MO“I think it opened my eyes to the fact that Faith can be more of a part of marriage”

Him:It was nice that we had the opportunity to complete the course online. It fit best within Kristen and my lifestyle. [our instructors] were very prompt with their feedback. They were also very encouraging, and their feedback helped us look at some topics in a light we would have otherwise missed out on.
Her: I think we both benefited from the process greatly! It gave us really helpful prompts and questions to spark meaningful conversations that have made our relationship stronger through our Faith. Being that we were able to complete the course online, I think it allowed Taylor to be more open with his communication, rather than if we would have been in a group setting.
Both:…The fact that we were able to complete this course online greatly impacted our depth of communication. We were able to circle back to topics on subsequent days if we needed to. Taylor was able to be more open and free with his opinions and perspectives on parts of each section. Also, it allowed us to complete it on nights, via the telephone, even when we were not actually able to be together for whatever reason. 

March 6th Mitchell and Courtney – Colorado Springs, CO “We learned a lot and our faith has grown so much deeper and stronger”

Him:This course started great conversation and bring us closer as we prepare for our wedding. It has helped me grow in my faith and learn more about my future spouses better. This course sets a great foundation for a lasting marriage.
Her:I learned a lot about my future spouse through this course and we definitely grew closer as a couple and within our faith. Through this class, marriage has become more than just a ceremony and party, it has become a blessing and Christ has become a focal point in our preparation and discussion of our future. It really has worked for us.
Both:It gave us the ability to talk about our faith more in depth and to discuss what we want from this marriage and life and it gave us more of a perspective of learning to listen to one another. It allowed us more time to open up and discuss certain topics more than we have in the past and find ways to problem solve together and work together as a couple and to support each other. It was definitely a great conversation about NFP and how to plan for a family and children in the best way for them but also for us as a couple.

March 7th Donald and Christina – Denver, CO “It has increased our understanding about what we believe as a couple and individuals.”

Him:I thought the course was well thought out and implemented. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. The course was very there dimensional. Very good for an online course. I really appreciated the real human touch with [our instructors] helping us learn more in the areas we had room to grow.
Her:I enjoyed the conversation this course spurred. We had talked about the majority of the topics already, but this helped us go over everything in depth right before we get married. I also really liked the insight on the things I had learned in church growing up. With the thorough explanations our couple gave, these ideas were presented in a way that made tough to understand ideas much more understandable.
Both:We better understand each other’s beliefs, so we can more effectively communicate with each other on the subject.

March 8th Ethan and Mary – Atlanta, GA “It revived or further strengthened my faith”

Him:This prep course is very beneficial and I am so glad that we got to learn from [our instructors] over the last few weeks! It was nice getting into the Sacrament of Marriage on a deeper level as well as hearing about tips and strategies to grow and cultivate our coming marriage.
Her:I really got a lot out of this prep by working with [our instructors]. They were very understanding and helpful in explaining all about the Sacrament of Marriage and how it relates to our faith and daily lives. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about letting God be the center of our relationship as we enter into marriage.
Both:We were able to openly discuss topics that we had not really thought about in the past.

March 9th Eric and Caroline – New Orleans, LA “It really helped me to see how important our faith will be in our marriage!”

Him: This course allowed us to take time out of the stresses of everyday life and planning our wedding to focus on the most important part of our future marriage. I think that this course helped us to solidify the foundation that we have and to make sure that we understand God's role in our marriage. Also, [our instructors] feedback was exceptionally helpful especially for the parts we might not have gotten fully correct.
Her:We loved being able to do this prep course together and to take the time out of our days, before our wedding, to really connect on what we both expect from marriage, our relationships with Christ and our relationships with each other! [Our instructors] feedback on our answers helped to guide some deep discussions between the two of us and prepared us for our upcoming wedding.
Both:It brought us to talk about different topics that we might not have thought to discuss before we got married. We feel like the course really put everything on the table to prevent the bad kind of surprises.