April 10th Tommy and Vicki- Sacramento, CA“…It has made us closer to each other and to God.”

Him:I really enjoyed this prep. It has made me more involved and reminded me of the importance of prayers and has strengthened my beliefs.It exceeded my expectations. When I started taking this prep, it made me realize that I have strayed away from the Church. I'm glad I took this class to reign me back in. God has His way of presenting opportunities and I think this prep was a blessing.
Her: This prep was really good. I learned a lot in this prep outside of what I've been learning in my RCIA program. I know the importance of God in our future marriage and lives.
Both:  We have learned to communicate with each other better by listening to each other and respecting each other.

April 11th Anthony and Caroline- Detroit, MI ”It brought up many things that I haven't thought about in a while and helped me realize again why faith is important in life.

Him: Overall I am glad we did it. I really liked some of the questions that we're challenging for us to answer. I enjoyed the questions on topics that we would not have discussed on our own.
Her: With Anthony and I both in different states, this course was very convenient and easy for us to do. Having as much time as we needed to complete an assignment was extremely helpful. I didn't expect so many assignments diving deep into the Bible and early teachings. I see why they were important and the marital message they send, but I would have enjoyed more modern questions and situations for us to discuss.
Both: It definitely improved our communication because of our current situation being long distance. We were able to continually talk about important topics and issues that we are facing and will face in our life together. We were also able to talk about things currently happening in our lives and tie them into this course and find unique understandings to both. We have always had strong communication, but being a part from one another and completing this course made it even stronger.

April 12th Carlos and Marua- San Diego, CA “It helped and taught me the importance of forgiveness in marriage life.”

Him: It was very educational. I learned things that I never learned before and it was wonderful.
Her: This course was very educational and helped me appreciate and learn the importance of marriage as a whole. It took our relationship to a new level and all lessons were very essential in helping our relationship grow as a couple. It also renewed our faith as Catholics and it allowed us to appreciate the true meaning and foundation of the sacrament of matrimony.
Both: This course gave us the chance to have a more in depth understanding and bonding as a couple. It allowed us to discuss our different points and views, our desires, and understand our feelings towards each other. It made us become more open about our thoughts towards our relationship.  It helped us appreciate the importance of communication as a whole.

April 13th Michael and Ava- Arlington, VA “It made me reflect more on the importance of prayer and having a strong faith both as an individual and as a family”

Him: It was very insightful. We've learned a lot and we are very grateful for our instructors for us sharing their knowledge and practical experiences on the different topics.
Her: It was very informative. Our instructors provided us with lots of resources, lots of suggestions based on their own experiences and lots of wisdom on different topics/issues related to starting a family life.  We had a great experience going over the exercises and we've learned a lot about ourselves and our relationships as well as about the things we still need to work on.
Both: We started bringing up and talking about awkward topics that we would normally avoid such as the idea of opening a joint account and budgeting together, the idea of praying together at night, assigning household chores for a particular day, talking about rules in the house, etc.

April 14th Dennis and Pam- Santa Rosa, CA “We've learned some new things we have begun and plan to continue to be more helpful to each other and our marriage.”

Him: I learned a lot in this course! Even as a cradle Catholic, I have matured and learned more about my Catholic faith. I feel these things we learned will help us in our marriage.
Her: I feel that it was very helpful in opening our eyes to the beliefs of the church, and to how we as a couple can have a lasting marriage and help each other to go to heaven. I enjoyed our time together as a couple preparing for our upcoming marriage, we have started the habit of praying together as a couple! Very good content!
Both: It taught us some ways to communicate even better than we thought we were. It opened our eyes to our habits and how we can improve upon the things we may not have been doing correctly. It gave us a place to start our marriage, open to praying together, and help each other get to heaven!