September 11th Darryl and Stephanie – New York, NY“I think the course definitely grew my desire to get closer to God and the church.”

Him:I thought it was a good course overall.  It was insightful and led to deep conversation and thought with Stefanie.  It allowed us to discuss our past and more importantly to discuss the plans for our future.  I think it was a great opportunity to discuss the importance of the commitment we are making with each other as we plan for our life ahead.
Her: It was interesting to look deeper into our faith and how it will impact our future as a married couple.  We enjoyed the opportunity of planning our future in the catholic faith.  Mostly, we realized that we are making the right choice to begin our life as husband and wife in the catholic faith.  We know how much we love and care for each other and want to built our lives and family in this faith.
Both: We were more opened about our faith and the importance of it going forward in our future as a married couple.

September 12thEvan and Sarah – Denver, CO “I appreciate the teamwork and communication that this course required! We spent time together with the Lord!!”

Him:I thought the course was well organized and shared a lot of key information and really gets you thinking. I learned a lot and learned a lot about God and marriage.
Her: I absolutely LOVED it!! I learned so much about the Catholic Church and made me want to learn so much more! I love how it encouraged teamwork and discussion between us!! I also learned so much about God's purpose and blessing for marriage!!! I honestly feel so blessed to have experienced this marriage prep!!
Both: It improved because we had to brainstorm and work through and discuss our thoughts to agree on an answer!! It also proved how communication is so important in a marriage!!!

September 13th Peter and Julia – Harrisburg, PA “It also helped both of us reflect on what is important in our marriage.”

Him: I thought it stimulated a lot of discussion between Julia and I, and it was interesting to really dive deep into a church's views.  As I said earlier, not having been raised by people of faith, I thought it was enlightening.
Her: I thought it was a good opportunity for Peter and I to discuss issues that could come up in our marriage.  It also made me think about my faith and how I might work towards having a better connection with God. It really helped me to see how important and beautiful the commitment of marriage truly is.
Both: It made us consider ways to communicate that would not be hurtful but would still express our feelings.

September 14th Steven and Jeanette – San Bernardino, CA “It made us collaborate, share our thoughts and reminded us of the importance to always communicate with each other too.”

Him:The overall impression I have of this prep is that it requires us to think about things that we may have not considered within in marriage.  It gives real life examples and gives us the opportunity to think of ways to prepare, good and bad situations. Also reminds us what God has intended for us in marriage.
Her: My overall impression of this course/marriage prep is that there God has bigger plans for us than we may have considered. There is a lot of guidance in this prep, a lot of opportunity for reflection, and the opportunity to discuss real life issues and challenges that may stem in our marriage.
Both:Well, all the questions required us to think about things in a different way.  We also had to talk about our responses out loud, why we felt that way, and what we foresee doing in our marriage.  Our communication about the Lord and our relationship definitely improved and now we are able to vocalize somethings that we had difficulty talking about.

September 15th Steve and Samantha – San Francisco, CA “I appreciated that we were able to accomplish this together as a couple.”

Him: I was very impressed, this prep worked with our busy schedules and it is very user friendly. The videos, links, and readings were all very helpful and informative.
Her: Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. I would recommend this marriage prep online class to others if they are looking for other solutions and may not have the proper time to complete the course in person.I found that I was learning more about GOD and his role with marriage on a deeper level. 
Both: It helped us understand that there is a lot to fulfill in a marriage other than loving each other. We understand that we must be on the same page and act as one when it comes to decision making. Its no longer about us individually. We are now one body.