June 19th Jimmy and Lauren – San Jose, CA “It was very-in depth and the feedback we received on a weekly basis was clearly thoughtful and took a lot of time.” 

Him: It was very in-depth and covered much more than what we were initially expecting. We thought it would just cover compatibility matters and the lead up to marriage. But little did we know, it made us search ourselves and think about post-marriage in a light we did not expect. Furthermore, we got to explore parts of our relationship that we had not spent a lot of time thinking about before (e.g. family planning).
Her: It laid out an interesting foundation for first who we are as human being, what God expects out of us, and then various facets of our relationship with each other. The reflection time was helpful to think deeply about the aspects of marriage that tend to cause issues between couples. And at the same, this class provided us tools to help us with the journey of marriage.
Both: Gave us tools to better express our concerns (instead of bottling them up) and then address them in a manner that let us talk about our feelings and problems without harping too much on the other person. Marriages are not easy but this helped us improve our communication, which we both think is so vital to any relationship.

June 20th Gregory and Denisse – Paterson, NJ “I appreciated the deeper understanding of marriage.”

Him: I did enjoy some of the more thought-provoking questions. They allowed me not only to better understand my own feelings, but also those of Denisse. I appreciated all of the feedback that we received.
Her: I am impressed with the prep because we were able to connect with God. I was able to connect with my future husband in a Godly way and prepare for a marriage in such a way by making God the center of the sacrament. We learned more about how Christ would like us to live our marriage for the rest of our days.
Both: It improved our communication by allowing us to be more apologetic and respectful. It allowed us to always have God in mind during disagreements. It allowed our love to be the central focus of disagreements and to use the "I" rule.

June 21st Daniel and Megan – Philadelphia, PA “It helped me to start my journey back into the church.”

Him: It made me see that we don't have to go through this alone. We have God watching over us.
Her: It was good! It was nice to see some of the insight that we may not have seen for ourselves. It was nice to have a refresher on the teachings. We definitely want God in our relationship and in the lives of our future children.
Both: That you [our instructors] so much for guiding us through this course and taking the time to work with us. We know we aren't perfect, but who actually is? We will use the advice you both gave us to strengthen our relationship with each other and with God.

June 22nd Frank and Bethany - Ottawa, Ontario “It was a well-rounded course.”

Him: I believe it was a well-composed course that touched nicely on various aspects of God's plan for marriage that are not normally considered. Some of the material in the course makes me thankful that God has kept me so close to the church because it is pretty apparent that the material is geared towards people with a very limited comprehension of God's plan for marriage. The course presented a great thumb-nail sketch of the beauty and glory of the sacrament.
Her: I think it covered many important topics that Catholic couples should learn about and discuss prior to getting married.
Both: It gave us confidence in our level of communication in our relationship.

June 23rd Michael and Cristie - Allentown, PA “It revived my faith and love in Cristie.”

Him: This preparation helped Cristie and I focus on our relationship and the things that we truly important. I appreciate the act of completing the course together. It felt like something we were joining on to better our relationship, understanding of each other, and our future family.
Her: Most of the things we "should" be doing for one another are easily forgotten. I think that this course and prep has enlightened us both on how we can better communicate, how we can pray together, how we can practice NFP and that it can bring us closer together. I appreciated the insight into some of the challenges Michael and I might face as married. I think it's first important to understand your relationship areas of opportunity so that together as a couple we can work on building and keeping our relationship strong.
Both: The course helped us talk openly about many areas of our relationship. This course and the time with our Priest has encouraged us to pray together as a family nightly. Something that we started yesterday and plan to choose to do moving forward.