February 26th Long and Huyen – Tulsa, OK“This course definitely helps me to prepare for what lies ahead as we embark on this forever journey together with the blessing of God and the Church”

Him:We liked the different lessons and how personalized they actually were. When we first signed up for the class, we didn't have a very high expectation because of the fact that it is online but [our instructors] did a very good job of making every answer sheet personal and detailed to who we are as a couple.
Her: I really like a class. It gave me a better understanding of what it means to being married in the Catholic faith. Having a couple of the same ethnic background who understands what we are going through definitely helps.
Both:We have a deeper spiritual connection now vs. before taking the course. We can communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other more freely and respectfully.

Febuary 27th Angel and Camille – San Francisco, CA “This course gave us more to think about and discuss in our daily lives and really set a foundation for each of us to continue practicing our faith”

Him:The prep was a thorough and helpful experience. The readings, backgrounds, and accompanying scriptures gave me a deeper understanding of not only my faith, but sparked some great conversations between Camille and I. We really enjoyed reading [our instructor’s] feedback, and understanding where we could learn more about any given topic that was discussed.
Her:Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed going about the course. The context of the readings and videos were very helpful and we will definitely utilize and reference many of them as we go through the sacrament of matrimony and beyond. In addition to the context, spending time together each week to do the readings and assignments became times that we treasured. [our instructor’s] detailed feedback after each assignment was also very helpful.
Both:Prior to the course, our perception of how we communicated to each other was already very positive. However, the course taught us how we could improve our communication even more. For instance, we plan to better utilize "I" statements instead of "you" (blaming) statements. Additionally, making it imperative to place a bigger emphasis on active listening as communicating our expectations.

February 28st Jose and Marissa –Sacramento, CA “This course has renewed my desire to get closer to God”

Him:This prep has made us take a deeper look into our relationship, and into a lot of the changes, and things we need to implement into our relationship and seeing how important God is in our relationship. The thing I appreciated most was being able to take a second and learn more about one another, our needs and our thoughts spiritually. Also, learning what God has to say about marriage.
Her:This prep has brought important aspects that we need to focus on in our marriage foundation that will bring us closer to God and help us become prepared to have a marriage that will be strong. The thing that I appreciated most was the videos and quizzes that gave more in depth material about marriage that was easier for me to engage in. I think that this course overall was very informational and allows the couple to really think about the material and what is really important in a marriage with God.
Both:It helped us be more patient with one another, and helps us communicate in a more respectful matter without blaming or insulting one another. We communicate about every matter that can potentially grow into a much bigger problem and find simpler ways to discuss more personal problems with God’s grace.

March 1st Kevin and Laura – Denver, CO  “It did revive my faith”

Him:Going through the course really helped to reaffirm the meaning of a sacramental marriage and the importance of that in our relationship. It helped to build a stronger bond.
Her:Since I am just coming into the Catholic faith through RCIA, this class helped me to really understand the meaning of a Sacramental Marriage.  Kevin and I have been civilly marriage for 16 years, but the understanding of a sacramental marriage really created a deeper meaning in our relationship.
Both:Just discussing some of the topics, like abstinence, natural family planning, and the meaning of Sacramental Marriage helped us to open up a little and communicate better.  It helped to focus on things outside of just the day to day pressures of work, etc.

March 2nd Jason and Julia – Orange, CA “Reminded us how valuable the Catholic church's teachings are.”

Him: We loved this online marriage preparation course! It was hands on, personal, and so informative. We got more out of it than we even expected.
Her:I appreciated how in-depth each lesson was. We really had to take time and work together, talk, and think about things we hadn't thought about before.
Both:We've done a lot of work and invested a lot of time and effort into our communication over the years. One of the things that makes our relationship so great. And this course only helped. I think it allowed us to open up more spiritually to each other and discuss important faith and family matters openly with a healthy dialogue.